Gamification Course Takes Students on a Virtual Chatham Abroad

Elven Warrior Hanna Wilford

Elven Warrior Hanna Wilford

One day in Maymester, you might have seen an elf walking by while on your way to class.  She was not on her way to a film seminar as you might expect, but going to learn about the principles of Gamification in Dr. Melanie Oates’ Maymester course, BUS 213  “Gamification: Management Applications of Motivation”, that takes a virtual Chatham Abroad to the world of Azeroth, the base of the World of Warcraft.

While not a required part of the course, a few students came dressed as characters, including Hanna Wilford, who came to class dressed as a Kal’dorei (a Night Elf), complete with pointed ears, blue-green hair and flowing robes.

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