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Chatham junior and accounting major, Nora Moorefield ‘17, has been invited to intern with UPMC’s Summer Associates Program—a highly competitive, compensated 11-week internship that exposes college students interested in business or technology related areas to real-world business opportunities.

Nora is the vice-president of finance for the Chatham Student Government, Chair of the Undergraduate Budget Committee, a Student Office Assistant with Student Affairs, and a Resident Assistant at Laughlin Hall.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m from Pittsburgh, and I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else.

Q: What brought you to Chatham?
A: I was attracted to the location and the fact that that at the time, it was an all women’s university. I live in a nearby neighborhood and wanted something close to home. I needed a university in the city so that I could take advantage of such opportunities like internships in and out of the academic year. I was also interested in a smaller campus where I could get to know my professors personally and they could get to know me.

I have grown to feel more confident with my opinions and how to foster healthy dialogue with people surrounding ideas that I feel passionate about and ones that I don’t.

Q: What are you majoring in?
A: I’m majoring in accounting and minoring in mathematics. I came to Chatham to study engineering. Here we had a 3-2 engineering program that I was attracted to where I’d receive my bachelor’s in mathematics in three years and then another in engineering in two years from a neighboring accredited institution like Carnegie Mellon or the University of Pittsburgh. After taking a number of courses that didn’t relate to my studies in my first year of college, I took an accounting class that sparked my interest.

Q: What drew you to UPMC’s Summer Associates Program?
A: I was looking for an internship that allowed me to apply my knowledge from the accounting, finance, and mathematics courses that I’ve taken. I was immediately attracted to UPMC’s presence in the community, and was so excited to hear that they had a program where the employees, including myself, could volunteer around the city during the internship. I was also interested in their new mentoring program where the internswould have opportunities to mentor the employees on a number of different subjects!

Q: What are you looking forward to gaining through this opportunity?
A: I am hoping to get to know myself more, since internships have that way about them that helps you realize your interests. The classroom is different, where most things are learned through the lenses of your textbook and not through the application of that knowledge. There’s also that heightened opportunity to gain full employment after completing the internship, which I’m very excited about!

Q: How has Chatham helped prepare you for this program?
A: My finance and accounting classes as well as my volunteer experiences at Chatham have definitely helped prepare me for this program. During my time here, I have been nominated to attend a number of different conferences that have helped prepare me for this program as well. One was the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders where I met leaders like Chelsea Clinton and engaged in conversation about leadership, networking, activism, and making the most out of your career.

Q: Who have been your mentors here at Chatham? What kind of influence have they had on your perspective towards your future?
A: Dr. Sean McGreevey (Assistant Dean for Career Development) has been a mentor of mine since I started at Chatham. Like so many other students, I frequent his office for advice whether it’s for my career or my finances. He really knows his stuff.

Q: What do you see yourself doing after graduation?
A: After graduation, I see myself working to attain my Masters of Accounting, and going on to pass the CPA.

Q: How do you feel you’ve grown since beginning Chatham? 
A: I have grown to feel more confident with my opinions and how to foster healthy dialogue with people surrounding ideas that I feel passionate about and ones that I don’t.

Q: What are your favorite things to do on campus?
A: For many reasons, I really like spending time in the Carriage House. My latest obsession with the newly renovated space is the massage chairs. I can sit there for hours either studying or, less productively, napping in the chairs between classes and work. I also love studying by the fireplace there or getting a smoothie at the smoothie bar. My favorite Chatham tradition is the Moonlight Breakfast, where our professors and professional staff members serve us breakfast at night in the dining hall. I’ve never won a prize there but the free breakfast is a good enough incentive to get me out every time!

Q: What do you appreciate most about Chatham?
A: I appreciate all of the little things that Chatham does such as moving all of the first-year students’ belongings into their rooms their first semester for them. Another thing that I appreciate here is having an environment where so many voices feel comfortable sharing their perspectives, experiences, and opinions. I have learned so many things in and out of the classroom.

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