Student Spotlight: Holly Schott, MBA ’17

Chatham University’s Business & Entrepreneurship Department is pleased to feature Holly Schott, MBA Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategy ’17!

Holly came to Chatham with an unusual background. As an undergraduate student, Hoholly-and-brainlly obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Slippery Rock University in Psychology with her focus in Neuroscience. There was a driving force behind her degree that one would not expect. When Holly was a senior at Warren Area High School, she suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) playing soccer. She spent her final year of high school in intensive rehabilitation relearning how to walk, write, and read as well as relearning certain aspects of talking. As a result of her TBI, Holly has suffered multiple seizures as well as difficulties in different learning processes. Her experiences with traumatic brain injuries and concussions were the driving force behind her undergraduate degree.

At college, Holly was co-chair for the Slippery Rock chapter of Brain Awareness Week, a nationally recognized celebration of the brain through The Dana Foundation. The first year she was a part of Brain Awareness Week, the week was titled “Peace, Love & Brains.” The focus was on how drug addiction affects the brain. The following year, the week that Holly was in charge, the title was “Mindful or Mind Full?” The focus was on the effect of mindfulness on the brain. Academically, Holly was also involved in a research project under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Niebauer. In Spring 2016, Holly and her research partner Kayla Shaffer presented their findings at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in New York City, New York.

holly-montageUpon graduating from Slippery Rock, Holly decided to pursue her graduate education at Chatham University’s MBA program with a focus in Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategy to continue her education. This concentration provides students with an application-focused education that sets a solid foundation in business leadership while leveraging Chatham University’s renowned educational strengths in business and entrepreneurship. Holly also served as a Graduate Assistant for the Business & Entrepreneurship Department during the Spring 2016 term. In Summer 2016, she moved on to an exciting internship at the Pittsburgh Steelers, which eventually turned into a part-time position. Her future plans include becoming a business consultant and eventually starting a non-profit organization for concussion research. With ambition and dedication, she has hit the trails running, and we know that her position with the Steelers as an e-commerce agent will provide her with the skills and knowledge she needs to achieve her long-term goals. Holly believes that her psychology background will be an asset to many professions, and she is excited to venture into the business world through the Steelers!

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