Course Spotlight: Global Business (BUS570) by Professor Minutolo

Professor Marcel Minutolo‘s Global Business (BUS 570) course introduces students to the world of international business and management. The goal of this MBA program core course is to reshape students’ framework and assumptions about the 21st century marketplace and business practices. During the semester, students discuss pertinent issues in the realm of global business such as macroeconomics, cultural influences, government regulation, business structures in the global economy, trade relations, international finance, legal and labor agreements, production systems, marketing and promotion, logistics, operations, and human resources maangement.

Dr. Marcel Minutolo, Professor of Global Business (BUS 570)

Dr. Marcel Minutolo, Professor of Global Business (BUS 570)

The textbook used in the course. Source:

The textbook used in the course. Source:

International Business: Opportunities and Challenges in a Flattening World, v. 2.0 by Mason Carpenter and Sanjyot P. Dunung is the text used in the Global Business class. The mission of the authors is to help students understand the important issues in the dynamic global business field, and how to apply the concepts learned in real-life business scenarios and decisions.

Current, real-world scenarios supplement the text, which help students gain a better understanding of up to date practices in global business. Each week, students must read articles related to that week’s theme.  Articles focused on global trends, such as “Five Forces to Reshape the Global Economy,” and how to harness the power of shifting global flows.

Additionally, students must also prepare a country profile. Sarah Moore, MBA Self Design concentration  ’16, and Aminata Dieng, MBA Sustainability concentration ’17, prepared an informative presentation comparing and contrasting Venezuela and Singapore, reviewing key aspects of each country. Learning about the basic information of each country, how developed or underdeveloped they are, and the factors that contribute to important changes in their economies provides insight on how the national leaders were able to change things, for better or worse, with their administration skills. The research also gives students fresh perspectives on how things differ from their own typical environments and, in many cases, it motivates students to seek more information related to this subject.

Current students in Global Business praise the course and appreciate the insights gained:


Mahamadou Djigue, MBA Self Design Concentration ’17

“I think the class is very interesting. Professor Minutolo has a lot of international experience and to be in the same room with someone that has this kind of experience and that has had the opportunity to be in many different countries is very valuable. We know that business is global, and I think it is very good to get a global view of business these days, of how it is currently working, because things are constantly changing especially with technology.  Things keep moving!  Most of the students enrolled in the class come from different countries and have a different perspective of the same subject, so it is interesting to learn and get different points of view from everyone in the class,” shared Mahamadou Djigue, MBA Self-Designed concentration ’17.

Illina Maharjan, MBA Healthcare Management ’17

“In order to be prepare for a career in the business world, first we must understand the global issues of the world. Studying Global Business provides insight into the global economy and helps to learn about world cultures and societies. As a student of Healthcare Management, I need to understand the different business perspectives, as well as healthcare management practices concerning globalization, international relations, and the global marketplace found all over the world. The way Professor Marcel Minutolo introduced the global business was very interesting, and I am looking forward to learning more about the international business from this class” Illina Maharjan, MBA Healthcare Management ’17.

Knowing how to operate effectively on the international stage is so vital in business that Chatham has made Global Business one of its core courses in the MBA program, and all MBA students must take it.   Chatham’s MBA offers courses that meet the job market demands of today and tomorrow, locally and globally!

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