Marketing, Marketing, Marketing: Students Experience Variety of Marketing Opportunities at Chatham

On October 18th, 2016, the Business & Entrepreneurship Department  together with Chatham Marketing Association hosted a Marketing Networking Mixer, which was just one of the many networking opportunities that Chatham’s Business and Entrepreneurship Department offers for students throughout the year. The department holds monthly career-themed mixers with topics focusing on Sustainability, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and more.


Students, Faculty, and Guests network at the Marketing Mixer

The Chatham Marketing Association (CMA) is a collegiate affiliate of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Their mission is to assist members with professional and personal development by providing educational and networking opportunities, as well as community events  to promote the importance of community outreach. Annually, CMA competes at AMA’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, where Chatham’s cohort is recognized as a multi-award winning chapter. Last year Chatham’s CMA team won 3rd place in the Case Competition out of 350 national AMA chapters. They also won chapter planning awards, and two student scholarships (2nd place Social Impact ScholarshipLynzy Groves ‘16, and 2nd place Student Marketer of the Year ScholarshipChristina Fortunato ’16).  This year they have expanded the organization and now have the most members that they have had in recent years.

CMA loves getting involved with events, especially those that benefit local nonprofits like the annual Young Art Fair that benefits the Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  In addition to events promoting local nonprofits, CMA also participates in mixers, like the one held in October. These mixers allow students to gain insight into potential internship opportunities, career planning, advising, and student development. Attending professionals have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other accomplished professionals in various business fields.

Some of the CMA members attending the October Marketing mixer include:

Industry professionals present at the Mixer included:

Here’s what some of the industry professionals, faculty, and students in attendance had to say about the event:


Michael Callan, Chatham University Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach

Michael Callan, Chatham University Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach notes, “The Business and Entrepreneurship Department’s Mixers are a tremendous opportunity to utilize one of the great advantages Chatham has: its location in a city with growing industry. To have the ability to meet with local professionals, in a more relaxed setting than you would find at a career fair, offers terrific leverage to build a network in order to pursue future internship and employment opportunities for our students and alumni. As a coach at Chatham, this is an incredible asset I utilize to recruit potential student-athletes to select our university.”


Gavin Fiorina, MA Interdisciplinary Design ’19.

“It was great to have light, but meaningful, conversation with professionals and students alike. I felt encouraged by the insights professionals shared with me.” – Gavin Fiorina, MA Interdisciplinary Design ’19.


Sierra Ungerman, Undergraduate, BA Marketing ’20


“The event on Tuesday was very valuable for Chatham Students. I met a triple alumna who offered her assistance to me in any way she could!”- Sierra Ungerman, Undergraduate, BA Marketing ’20.




Shannon Botts, Marketing Coordinator at Edgar Snyder & Associates

“It was wonderful to meet so many interested, accomplished students. It was a great opportunity to talk about their goals, their interests, and their questions about life after they graduate.” – Shannon Botts, Marketing Coordinator at Edgar Snyder & Associates


Megan Mansmann, Marketing/Business Development at Edgar Snyder & Associates

“I really appreciated the enthusiasm the students, educators, and other professionals shared for the industry. It was great to meet professionals in the field and rewarding to meet the future generation of marketers.” – Megan Mansmann, Marketing/Business Development at Edgar Snyder & Associates


Mitrashi Das, International Exchange Student


“The Marketing Mixer was a wonderful initiative. Many thanks to the Business and Entrepreneurship department for organizing it. Through this event, I was able to meet and connect with a lot of resourceful executives from diverse corporate backgrounds. I also learned a lot about various career options and am seriously considering taking up Communications in the Marketing field. A brilliantly organized event, I urge the University to keep this tradition going as it certainly is helpful and enlightening. On a side note, the food was great!” – Mitrashi Das, International Exchange Student ’16


Subhojit Roye, President at Metwork

“I liked the mixer.  It was a simple, effective way to get individuals of different backgrounds to meet in an informal, friendly fashion. What was interesting to note was how everyone at the mixer has his/her own unique story and a possible value to bring to each other. And that the benefits of a mixer can come sometimes immediately, or sometimes months or even years later.” – Subhojit Roye, President at Metwork

As an additional benefit for graduate students, after the Marketing Mixer, Mr. Subhojit Roye, a seasoned IT and software executive, with  SAP, Oracle, InfoSys, and iGATE experience under his belt, joined the MBA class, BUS577-Information Systems and Analytics, to share his experience with different types of Information Technologies available for companies and the assessment of their cost and value.


Subhojit Roye presenting in BUS577- Information Systems and Analytics

When asked about the difference between marketing and sales, Roye answered that, “Marketing is the larger body of all possible activities required to be performed to gain a customer, starting from identifying the product or service, to the delivery. These include of course the 5 P’s: Product, Packaging, Promotion, Place and Price. Sales is the process (and art) of taking the final message to a target customer resulting in the successful exchange of goods or services for a mutually accepted value.”

Additionally, Mr. Roye has a message for current and future marketing students: “Think beyond the obvious. Try and check what your customer really wants. And be sincere in your efforts to supporting that underlying desire. If you do not believe you have something of value – say so. You may still win in the long run thanks to your honesty and understanding of your customer.”

Both the Marketing Mixer and Mr. Roye’s presentation made for a very interesting and enlightening evening for Chatham’s business students. Coupling events such as these is a strength of the Business & Entrepreneurship Department, providing access to professional development, inside and outside of the classroom.


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