Tiversa Visit: Going after the bad guys!

On October 27th, 2016, members of the BUS 577- Information Systems and Analytics course visited cyber threat intelligence firm Tiversa to learn more about cybersecurity and risk management. Dr. Rachel Chung, Director of Business Programs at Chatham and BUS 577 instructor arranged this business visit as part of the course. Participants included both virtual and on-campus students in the Chatham MBA program. The goal of BUS 577 is to explore the management of technology, information, and people from the perspective of a Chief Information Officer (CIO). This visit helped students gain a deeper understanding of cyber security and risk management issues previously discussed in lecture.

tiversa-presentationTiversa’s mission is to make the world a safer place by reducing cyber threats. They specialize in monitoring and downloading content from the Deep and Dark Web (DDW) and peer-to-peer networks (P2P) on behalf of their customers to help them manage their cybersecurity risks.

The DDW, by some estimates, is 500 times larger than the surface web, or that which can be indexed by Google and other search engines.  This part of the web is where many bad actors can collect, share and sell information – putting people and companies at risk. This part of the web is also known for malware distribution, which can cause constant threats to an organization’s security.

Over its 12 years in business, Tiversa has amassed a two petabyte data store of DDW activity, and downloads almost 3 million new files each day. They save, store, and never delete these files, as clients may someday ask for missing or hacked documents and this enormous database is the place where they start the investigation.

During the visit, students also toured the security operations room where the analysts screen and investigate compromised data on behalf of their clients. Here are what some students had to say about this visit:


Benjamin Kotys, MBA Self-Designed Concentration ‘2017

“The trip to Tiversa was interesting and eye-opening. It was exciting to see the inner workings of a Pittsburgh company offering such cutting edge technological services that are valuable to businesses and government alike.” — Benjamin Kotys, MBA Self-Designed Concentration ’17.


Christine Nebel, MBA Self-Designed Concentration ‘2017

Christine Nebel, MBA Self- Designed Concentration ’17, reflects on her experience of the visit: “It was great to see in practice what we study in our  coursework. It was an awesome exposure to what else is going on in the world outside of healthcare insurance and counseling.”



Anju S. Chopra, CIO, Head of IT at Tiversa

Anju S. Chopra  CIO, Head of IT at Tiversa, advises Chatham MBA students:

“All professionals despite their profiles should understand IT and security issues because they impact everybody. We should be those who bring solutions, not create problems.”

The Business and Entrepreneurship Department at Chatham University offers tremendous learning opportunities such as company field trips for both undergraduate and graduate students. The department values relationships with community professionals, as they share their talent, success, and knowledge. These opportunities allow students to gain professional insight into real-world business processes, development, and infrastructure.

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