Student Spotlight: Sasha King, MBA ’17

The Business & Entrepreneurship Department is pleased to feature Sasha King, current MBA student in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategy.

Sasha King, MBA ’17

Sasha is a career management professional who coaches clients to take control of their productivity, professional image, and brand. She is also a social media influencer who increases engagement on Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for non-profits and small businesses. Sasha owns a career consulting agency called King & Associates Career Consulting, where she offers individualized career consultation plans based on the client’s goals. Some of the sessions offered are: Goalsetting – Using Brainstorming and Processes to Set Better Goals, Career Transitions – How to Change Career Paths, Personal Branding Boot Camp – How to Create a Compelling Personal Brand, Search Smart, Not Hard – How to Job Search Like a Pro, and many more.

Sasha is also a Radio Guest Personality for NPR Essential Pittsburgh, where she has her own segment called “On the Job with Sasha King”. In her segment, she shares her advice on different topics such as “Why isn’t work working for me”, “Setting smart SMART Goals”, “Workplace etiquette: Is your behavior holding you back at work”, among others. Sasha was awarded as Mentor of the Year in the Director’s Outstanding Service Award by Project ROCS for work in Career Development for Universities. She was also a ResCare Quality Way Nominee for Social Media and Resume Writing.

To continue building her current business, Sasha was looking for an MBA program that would help her get a strong, well-rounded background in business basics in addition to focusing on Entrepreneurship. Chatham’s MBA program was the perfect fit for her as it allowed her to choose a concentration in Entrepreneurship Leadership and Strategy.

“The Entrepreneurship concentration gave me a strong background in marketing, product development, and project management. I have been twice as productive due to what I have learned in my courses. More importantly, I have been able to build long term relationships with corporate clients. I have helped a corporation improve their management performance in two departments, adjusting their pricing strategy, developing new business processes, and planning onboarding and succession practices.  Through combining my business and education, I’ve been able to find real world applications to what I am learning in the classroom.”

Dr. Rachel Chung’s Information and Analytics class gave her a strong background in how to select software. As a new business owner, this course gave Sasha the skills to select appropriate software packages and bundles for her company. Furthermore, it allowed her to help two other corporations streamline their software selection process obtaining great results.

Sasha is looking forward to growing her consultancy, writing books, and expanding her skill set in human resource futurism. According to Sasha, technological unemployment is impacting the job prospects of workers internationally. As we go through this dramatic change, Sasha is genuinely interested in continuing her work on helping companies and workers find strength, dignity, and purpose.

Chatham’s MBA concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategy focuses on developing creative and knowledgeable leaders for 21st century businesses and is designed to address the distinctive challenges entrepreneurial leaders face in today’s business climate. Sasha has accomplished so much already and we are certain that she will continue to amaze the Chatham community with her work. We wish Sasha the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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