MBA Student Spotlight: Maura Rapkin

Maura (unsurprisingly) hugging a tree

If over the past year you have worked with the B&E Department or been up to Eden Hall, there’s a good chance you’ve met Maura.

Maura Rapkin is a dual-degree MA in Food Studies/MBA student who came to Chatham after working in the food industry as a chef and seeing that it was an industry where she wanted to have a positive impact. After completing her first year here, it is Maura’s opinion that:


“Chatham has an interactive food masters degree, meaning I can really involve myself with whichever aspect of the industry I want to learn about.  There is even the farm at Eden Hall where students can learn about food production through organic farming.  I especially like that I am able to apply my business interests to my projects in the MBA classes.”


Outside of the classroom and class-scapes (sic), Maura is hard at work in many other facets on campus. Relative to the B&E Department, Maura has become the leading point-person when it comes to event planning and preparations. If you attended any of the Department networking mixers during this past academic year, you have Maura to thank.


Maura tending to overgrowth in the orchard

Earlier this year, Maura helped to revive the Chatham Entrepreneurship Club, which, as she put it:

“[The Club] has been slowly snowballing into a dedicated, enthusiastic group of students who want to push for great student engagement opportunities on campus and in the greater Pittsburgh area.”

The Chatham “E-Club” already hosted its first event this past spring, and will be reconvening this coming fall semester with Maura as one of its leaders. The club hopes to work with business majors of every kind in order to gain a well-rounded outlook and diverse mindset. Though E-Club has not undertaken any ongoing projects as of yet, the group’s board is known to be in the midst of discussion about very possible outlets in order to hone and advance students’ entrepreneurial spirit.


Besides reviving the Entrepreneurship Club, Maura has been working on the farm at Chatham’s Eden Hall campus. Her favorite role there is when she works in the Heritage Apple Orchard, as it is Maura’s career goal to own and operate an orchard of her own. She hopes to open this orchard as her own business, and utilize the space for events, as well as selling apple byproducts made in the same space.


Maura will be returning to Chatham in Fall 2018, so any member of the Chatham community interested in becoming involved with E-Club or Eden Hall should reach out to this exceptional student. The Business & Entrepreneurship Department looks forward to regaining such a helpful and energized member of its staff.



Trevor Borsh is a second-year Chatham Business student majoring in International Business, alongside a minor in Political Science. He is also pursuing the European Studies Certificate. This is Trevor’s first year working within the Chatham B&E Department, and he looks forward to promoting advancement and global outlooks for students and the university alike

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