Upcoming PICPA/IIA Accounting Networking Event & “September is Accounting Month” Recap!

Just around the corner is PICPA‘s Student Speed-Networking Mixer on Thursday, February 21, 2019! PICPA and IIA Pittsburgh Chapter are jointly hosting a “Speed Networking Event” on Carlow University’s campus in the Gailliot room in University Commons. Appetizers will be served and students are invited to attend for free! If you would like to attend this event, B&E is offering free transportation. To register for the event click HERE. To register for free transportation click HERE. As we look forward to PICPA’s upcoming event, we are also looking back on one of our favorite months, September!

September was accounting month at Chatham University and the B& E Department planned many networking events for students. This is just one way the department tries to provide opportunities for success!

Students arriving back to Campus after IUP Accounting Career day with Ginger Polozoff!!

First up, was the IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) Accounting Career Fair day on September 19th, and it was so much fun! There was a huge crowd of students on the hunt for jobs. Students had a chance to share their qualifications, experience and make connections with multiple potential employers. More than one Chatham student scored internships from connections made at this fair-cheers! The IUP Accounting Career Fair is an annual event that Chatham attends every year. If you would like to attend the upcoming one, make sure to look out for registration in the fall semester.

The Networking PICPA Student Casino night on September 24th proved to be a novel way to motivate students to network. Professor Jim Pierson encouraged his accounting students to attend this fun-filled night with him, introducing many to potential employers and facilitating conversations. Early evening networking was followed by some games, dinner and, of course, more networking. Games+networking=FUN.

On September 25th, the B&E department organized an Accounting & Information Systems Networking Mixer, linking robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to business. Most people think that robotics and AI relate only to science and tech but that’s not the case; they are being increasingly used in accounting, banking, and auditing. In the current landscape, if you plan to be in accounting or marketing, you should be familiar with AI and computing.

Guest speakers (L-R Tom Bartos, Dan Desko, Jim Marino) eager to share their thoughts on AI and Robots in businesses!

Three great guest speakers were featured at this event: Tom Bartos , Dan Desko and Jim Marino; a huge thanks to all! Tom Bartos, The CFO of Cognistx, discussed how AI can reduce hiring and training costs. Dan Desko, Security and Risk Professional at Schneider Downs discussed cybersecurity and quality controls. In addition, James Marino, Process Improvement Consultant at PNC, discussed the link between AI and cybersecurity and explained how PNC is incorporating these systems into their businesses. While all the speakers highlighted the importance of AI in businesses, they also listed the risks associated with these systems. James Marino reflected on the future of AI and suggested that we must look at what robots cannot do to create stronger, fool-proof robotic systems.

Students and faculty settling in before the guest speakers present

“Attending this mixer made me realize the real importance of studying available courses in information systems, computing, and data analytics while at Chatham. I have unlimited resources and professors willing to share their expertise and experiences. It does seem that no matter the career path I take, AI and information systems will be present in some form.” — Gemma Wallnau, BA Management Information Systems ’20

On September 19th, Chatham Professor Jeffery Gilmore showcased his company Beemac Trucking and Logistics to students. Alongside Professor Gilmore, Professor Pierson discussed the company’s automated manufacturing processes and even provided samples of their products. It was a treat to see the production process so closely!

Chatham’s Business & Entrepreneurship Department keeps students up-to-date with all events in their Monthly Deadlines & Reminders email, so keep an eye out! The department also sends bi-weekly newsletters about internships and full-time jobs. For more information, click here.

Aashima Chhabra is a recent graduate of the Masters of Accounting (MACC) program. In her free time, Aashima enjoys spending time with her family members and exploring new local places like museums, parks and restaurants.

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