E-Club Pivots This Year!

Entrepreneurship Club is on a mission to unite the Business Department majors! After its revival last year, E-Club spent a few months establishing its internal structure, outlining priorities, attending networking mixers, meeting with department and club heads, and throwing its own events. The club’s mission is to promote the goals of students using the principles of entrepreneurial thinking. In the past, students have sought out networking opportunities, inspiration from community leaders, and on-campus community support. To try and meet some of these needs, last year the club participated in a variety of activities.  They had a local food entrepreneur present to the club about his food truck with a social justice mission.  They met with the Career Development Office as well as with business professors to help hone individual and club goals.  They also met with other students and clubs to try to get a better handle on community projects. This year, leaning into intrapreneurship and networking as goals, E-Club has decided to focus its energies on being a connections club and hopes to bring different groups at Chatham together rather than differentiating itself in its own separate sphere.

In hopes of finding common ground, and starting with other Business Department major clubs, E-Club came up with two tools this semester that they hoped will be universally beneficial. Undergraduates have been expressing a desire for more networking skills, as well as opportunities to meet influencers and learn about prospective jobs. One tool to help with these processes is the E-Club Networking Punch Card. The punch card offers five key strategies to use at a networking event, including:

  1. Talking to someone about their career history
  2. Socializing with a person (talking about something other than business)
  3. Making a new LinkedIn connection
  4. Receiving a business card
  5. Following up with a new connection

Undergraduate E-Club member Katie Lorch said,

“The E-Club punch card is helping me network outside of school in my internship.  I enjoy learning about people’s personal lives and connecting with them on a deeper level than just business.”

In an effort to try and streamline this process, E-Club has been promoting the Punch-Cards.  These cards, which can be customized according to major, also offer incentives to attend at least five school networking events. E-Club came up with these cards with the help of Matthew Spangler in the Career Development Office.  Involving the Career Development office offered an attempt to start ‘intrapreneurially’, integrating E-Club’s work within the campus community.

The second tool that E-Club has put out to engage students, is access to a Fantasy Football-style Stock Market game called How the Market Works.  The game, along with tools that President Jeremy Witchel and E-Club Board Member Katie Lorch have provided as guides, allows users to engage and play the stock market and learn how investing money works.  Undergraduate member Rachel Henry says,


“The benefit of doing a stock market game encourages us to play around with real concepts without real risk. It encouraged me to check out investing options in real life.”

The club is hoping that by engaging students with the stock market game, they will find the passion and encouragement to explore actual investing.

These tools are meant to assist students in bulking up their life-skills. By creating a set of tools that are interactive with campus activities, E-Club hopes that they integrate easily into student life.

Maura Rapkin, MBA/MAFS

Maura Rapkin is a second-year dual degree MBA/MAFS graduate student, with an interest in entrepreneurship and sustainable food production.  After graduating from University of Rochester in 2011 with a dual Bachelors in Environmental Studies and Film and Media Production, she decided to expand her repertoire of interests and venture into the food industry. She spent six years cooking in New York City catering companies, bakeries such as Breads Bakery, and fine dining restaurants including The Modern and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  Maura is excited to look at everything she has learned through an academic lens.  She is grateful to join the innovative Chatham community, and be a part of the collective movement focused on growth and learning.

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