Research Process Timeline

This post is related to the process, timeline and activities undertaken concerning the study of this issue leading up to the Board of Trustees vote and the campus announcement on Tuesday, February 18th. As this has been an issue of discussion at many times over the past 26 years at Chatham, some historical information is shared as well.

Chatham College for Women (CCW) enrollment has been a subject of study for the Board of Trustees since at least the late 1980’s. Key historical dates on the last major study of this issue include:

  • 1988: Board forms “Committee of the Future” to study options for undergraduate education.
  • 1990: Board considers proposal to admit men “because of the difficulties of selling a women’s college.”
  • 1992: Board pledges to periodically and regularly re-evaluate coeducation in light of disappointing undergraduate enrollment numbers.

In 1992, Chatham College for Women had an enrollment of 518 FTE (stands for ‘full-time equivalent’) students. At this time, the efforts to expand into graduate programs and other areas in order to strengthen and diversify the institution and save the women’s college were begun.

The Board commissioned a study group in early 2013 to research and inform the Board of Trustees regarding the current status of CCW and to report on the possible implications of future trends and projections. The study’s mission was to prepare the Board for future policy discussions and set the context for future decisions and recommendations that flow from the Study Group process. The CCW Study Group was the first, and will be followed by other Study Groups to examine other components within the university.

Key dates on this most recent process include:

  • February 2013: Board creates Chatham College for Women Study Group consisting of Board Members (of which three are alumnae) and select Chatham staff from key departments.
  • February 2013 – May 2013: CCW Study Group research conducted over a series of months.
  • June 2013: Preliminary report from CCW Study Group presented at Board Meeting.
  • October 2013: CCW Study Group impanels an Undergraduate Steering Committee, consisting of Chatham faculty and administrators, to recommend ways to increase undergraduate enrollment across the University.
  • October 2013-February 2014:  Undergraduate Steering Committee and a Faculty Reading Group meet multiple times each to discuss the issues, topics and consider options.
  • February 2014: Undergraduate Steering Committee issues report and recommendation to the Board.
  • February 2014: Board adopts resolution.