Alumnae Meeting Schedule and Feedback

As an important commitment to ongoing information sharing and discussions with the Chatham community, we are hosting events for alumnae with Dr. Barazzone and members of Chatham’s Board of Trustees. At these events, alumnae will hear more about the challenges facing Chatham College for Women at Chatham University, the resolution adopted at the February board meeting, and have an opportunity for their questions and perspective to be heard in a constructive fashion.

The following events will be held on Chatham’s Shadyside campus and also streamed online for those who are located outside of Pittsburgh or cannot attend in-person. Instructions on how to participate via your web browser will be sent to registered guests via email closer to the date of the event.

The dates, times and locations are:

  • Wednesday, March 5th from 6-7:30 PM in Chatham’s Eddy Theater
  • Tuesday, March 11th from 6-7:30 PM in Chatham’s Eddy Theater

Please register to attend these events either in-person or via the online stream at:

Additionally, university staff and volunteers will be hosting regional town halls concurrent with these on campus events as follows:

Wednesday, March 5th

  • Arlington, VA; 5:30 PM EST – George Mason University (3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA)
  • Columbus, OH; 5:30 PM EST – Ohio State University (Longaberger Alumni House, 2200 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH)

Tuesday, March 11th

  • Boston, MA; 6 PM EST- location TBD*
  • Chicago, IL; 5 PM CST – The Allerton Hotel Chicago (Huron Room, 23rd Floor, 701 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611)

*Additional information regarding the venues for these events will be communicated via email as well as at as it becomes available.

President Barazzone will also host a regional town hall in New York City in the Broadway Suite at the Roosevelt Hotel New York (45 East 45th Street, New York, NY) on Sunday, March 9 from 1-3 PM.

Wherever you stand on this issue (and we have heard from both sides), we encourage you to have your voice heard through one of the many feedback channels we have established. Please know that all feedback is being read, categorized and will be shared with the Board. Staff is working to gather all information and address any questions via this blog, events or direct means during the month of March.

Feedback opportunities include:

  • Attending one of our upcoming events (in-person or online)
  • Sending an e-mail to
  • Reading and commenting on the blog
  • Sending a letter to or calling the Alumni Relations office


  1. Nicole Hagan says:

    There is also a meeting on March 2 in Philadelphia, that registration has already closed for (see: for more details). We have been told that alumnae who did not have a chance to register before the registration closed will be admitted to the meeting on a first-come, first-serve basis until the number of people in attendance reaches maximum capacity per the fire code. Please note the Philadelphia meeting has a dress code.

  2. Sandy Kuritzky says:

    Follows is the 2/28/14 response to my 2/27/14 post from S. Murray Rust, III, a Board member…
    I have omitted my home address, but it is otherwise verbatim. Please be aware I have earned the Dr. honorific.

    February 28, 2014

    Dr. Sandra Kuritzky ‘73
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

    Dear Dr. Kuritzky:

    I am responding to your letter to the Chatham University community, dated February 27, 2014. I write on behalf of Jennifer Potter ‘66, the Chair of Chatham University’s Board of Trustees, who is out of the country at the current time and unable to answer you personally.

    As you may know, in February I stepped down as Board Chair after seven years. I have served on the Board since 1981 and hope to continue serving on the Board well into the future because I care about Chatham and want to keep helping make it even better. Given my long service to Chatham as a Trustee and Board Chair, I am well acquainted with the areas covered and questions posed in your letter, and I would like to answer those that are appropriate for Chatham’s Board – or any college or university board – to address to a member of the university community.

    On the subject of student recruitment, during my 33 years of Board service I have found that the administration has kept the Board appropriately informed about enrollment and recruitment. The Board has an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities in recruiting students to Chatham, and has confidence in the leaders and staff who have worked and are working to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. As for the cost of recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to Chatham, the University generally spends in multiples of the Noel-Levitz statistics you cite.

    On the subject of Dr. Barazzone’s compensation, all appropriate information on Dr. Barazzone’s compensation and retirement package has been shared with the campus community (including alumni) over the past year or so, and shared on multiple occasions. The Board was confident then, and we are confident now, that we made the right decision and that we have satisfied every requirement both legal and reporting.

    Lastly and personally, in my 33 years of service on Chatham’s Board, including the early 90s when the Board previously considered the possibility of coeducation, I cannot recall another instance of someone asking the Board “to affirm to the community that it is in full compliance with its legal duties.” Inserting the phrase “respectfully” before such request only underscores the underlying lack of respect in both request and letter.

    The women (many of them Chatham alumnae) and men who have served and serve with me on Chatham’s Board now and during the last 33 years have always acted in the best interests of Chatham University. They have invested great time, energy and personal capital to make Chatham the best possible institution it can be, and it is not immodest at all to say that their

    contributions have played a role in Chatham’s many successes. Suggesting – as your letter essentially does – that the Board has not acted in accordance with its legal duty or has not been doing its job is a disservice to the Board.

    Sincerely yours,

    S. Murray Rust III
    Chatham University
    Board of Trustees

  3. Sandy Kuritzky says:

    Correction: I have NOT earned a doctorate!

  4. Rebecca Thomson says:

    I will see you all Wednesday March 5th.

  5. Marisa says:

    At yesterday’s meeting in Philadelphia alumnae asked for a number of documents to be placed on the web. Or for assistance in getting requests to the right people.

    1. That the powerpoint, which was used in Pittsburgh last week and in Philadelphia this week be posted someplace for ease of access and for those unable to attend or view streamed Town Hall meetings.
    2. That there be a list of citations for facts presented.

    If the Board of Trustees and President Barrazone are serious about hearing proposals from alumnae for assist Chatham, these two items would be of great help.

  6. Mary akostalos says:

    I don’t know if coed is the only viable option to save the undergraduate college, but I do believe that other options need to be explored and that without changes to the undergraduate programs, going coed will not be successful.
    Eden Hall and The School of Sustainability, as currently conceived, make no contribution to the undergraduate college; in effect, the college is competing with itself. If the programs had a more cooperative relationship, it could benefit both programs. If, for example, students in the SoS spent their first 2-2 1/2 years on the Shadyside campus, they could complete all the General Education requirements, take introductory- level courses in their majors and avail themselves of the liberal arts courses available. This would increase the number of students on the Shadyside campus, increase enrollments in courses offered there, and allow an increase the number of courses offered. If the President’s estimate of 1200 total students at Eden Hall is accurate, this should substantially increase enrollments at the Shadyside campus. Then the SoS students could spend the remainder of their time at the Eden Hall campus. This would reduce the size of the investment in buildings and infrastructure there. On a space available basis, students from the undergraduate college could spend a summer or term at Eden Hall, thus being able to experience that campus, perhaps even completing a minor or certificate program. Perhaps a sustainability requirement could be added to the general education requirements so that all Chatham undergraduate students would have some exposure to this area.
    This would also allow the decision to go coed to be pushed back a few years to see how this arrangement was working. The issue could then be revisited if necessary.

    Background information. When the PT, PA and OT programs, as well as other graduate programs were started, they formed a symbiotic, mutualistic relationship with the undergraduate college.( Sorry, it’s the ecologist in me) Students enrolled in the undergraduate college in hopes of entering the graduate programs, and the undergrad programs served as feeder programs, providing excellent candidates for the graduate programs. Various 3-2 program further linked the undergraduate and graduate programs and were an attractive option for some students. Initially, the programs were all on the Shadyside campus, minimizing expense and maximizing efficient use of resources. When the growth of the graduate programs exceeded the capacity of the Shadyside campus, Eastside was a logical expansion. The campuses are within walking distance of each other and it is easy to provide shuttles at relatively low cost.
    Many faculty teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some upper level undergraduate courses are suitable for graduate programs and some undergraduates are able to take some graduate courses. This maximizes class size and offerings for both graduate and undergraduate students and uses faculty efficiently.
    Continuing my ecology analogy, I see the School of Sustainability as having, at best, a competitive relationship with the undergraduate college and, at worst, a predatory role. From my perspective, it appears that the School of Sustainability has become the top priority of the board and administration to the detriment of the undergraduate college. The year 2008 was the start of difficult economic times but it also corresponds to the acquisition of the Eden Hall property. This property is far from the Shadyside campus and located in a remote area without amenities such as restaurants, etc. It is about a 45 minute drive to Eden Hall.
    Enormous amounts of time, energy and money have already been invested in master plans and other preliminary projects. Effort spent on Eden Hall means that less time and energy are available for the undergraduate college. Phase I of the Master Plan calls for building residence halls, class and lab space, dining hall facilities, etc. Basically, a satellite campus is being established. This seems to me to be an enormous risk. In this age of term contracts, the college has flexibility to change faculty positions, programs can be added, altered or deleted but, once millions are invested in buildings and infrastructure, we are stuck with them. We are putting money into a satellite campus at a time that facilities at the Shadyside campus are underutilized. (Several of the state colleges have been severely criticized in recent newspaper articles for building new facilities in a time of declining enrollments.) In contrast to the expansion to Eastside, “they have come, so build it’’, there seems to be a philosophy of “build it and they will come” with regard to Eden Hall. However, I remember on many occasions arguing that more resources were needed for undergraduate programs only to be told that we would have to build enrollments to prove that the program merited additional resources. We seem to be unable to attract sufficient undergraduate students to the Shadyside campus despite the beautiful campus and great facilities, but the college expects to attract 1200 students to the Eden Hall campus in this time of declining college –bound students. Currently, the SoS is small and is housed on the Shadyside Campus and the academic classes are all being accommodated on the Shadyside campus.
    In Looking at the curriculum for the Bachelors of Sustainability, basic economics is listed as well as 15 credits of general education. Are sections of these course going to be taught at Eden Hall, rather than the Shadyside campus, further fragmenting these classes and not making efficient use of underutilized class space and faculty, or will they be taught at the Shadyside campus, leaving unutilized space at Eden Hall. The other option, I guess, is to have distance learning to one site or the other.
    The B.S. in sustainability does not seem to require any basic biology, chemistry, or math. Yet they are taking a 300 level Toxicology course. The lack of basic science and math will severely restrict the options for going to graduate school in any science based program.
    Currently, there are 8 fulltime faculty and 3 part-time faculty listed for the School of Sustainability, including a Dean, 2 Program Directors and an Internship Coordinator. Contrast this with the current state of the undergraduate environmental majors. When Roxanne Fisher died in 2008 and I retired at the end of that academic year, our two positions were consolidated into one. When Nancy Gift left, she was not replaced, leaving no professors in the environmental programs housed in the sciences. Currently, students in the environmental programs have been told that the programs under which they entered are being dropped, but no one had told them what will happen to them. I found this out more-or –less by accident when I was talking to students after the intro bio class in which I am giving a few guest lectures. I checked for them and found that there is a professor who will advise these majors and that they are guaranteed that they can finish their programs as outlined in the catalogue under which they entered the undergraduate college. Apparently no one had communicated with these students to let them know what to expect. At best, this is poor communication—it’s a wonder that there are any Environmental Studies/Science majors at all. In addition, I understand that the former Environmental Studies (social science option) in being incorporated into the School of Sustainability, directly taking students from the undergraduate college and adding them to the SoS.

  7. David Hassenzahl says:

    Some clarifications to the post by Dr. Akostalos.
    First, the BS in Sustainability will require calculus or statistics, system biology, dynamic earth systems, science of global change, environmental toxicology, built systems/life cycle analysis, and quantitative ecology with lab, and at least one graduate-level science course. In addition, students will get science content in a number of other major courses.
    Second, the Falk School currently has six full-time faculty, three associated with each of our two graduate programs. One of them (Dr. Julier) also serves as Program Director for the Master of Arts in Food Studies. I serve as both dean of the school and as program director for the Master of Sustainability. We also have a Director of Sustainable Agriculture who does some teaching and oversees production at Eden Hall (all of which is part of the Master of Food Studies curriculum). He is not a program director.
    Third, three Falk School faculty members teach or have taught in the CCW environmental studies program, and one of them has been serving as the primary adviser for the Environmental Studies majors. Several Falk School faculty members have contributed to CCW tutorials, and contribute to student life activities. Falk School faculty members are scheduled to teach courses in the CCW next year as well.
    Fourth, as we begin teaching undergraduate sustainability courses next year, those courses will be open to any CCW student who is interested. We hope many will elect to take them.
    Fifth, the general education requirements for undergraduate students in the Falk School closely parallel those in the CCW. This was done intentionally to promote efficiency of CCW and Falk School students in the general education classes.
    Sixth, students may major in sustainability and graduate from the CCW. It is an additional option, not a competitor. Several current CCW students have expressed interest in doing this.
    Finally, students in the Falk School represent net growth for Chatham University. They are all graduate students at this point, and we are recruiting additional graduate students and undergraduate students for next year.

  8. Mary akostalos says:

    Reply to Dr. Hassenzahl
    I apologize for misstating requirements for the sustainability programs. I did not see any information on additional requirements in the information you sent me.
    I got my information on the number of faculty and positions from the Chatham website for the SoS. Six or eight faculty—it’s still a lot more than have ever been in the undergraduate environmental courses.
    As to your fourth point, that is exactly my point. The faculty in the SoS are currently housed on the Shadyside campus and therefore, CCW students can take these courses. When you move to Eden Hall, this will no longer be easy—Most students will not be able to go out to Eden Hall for one course during the day. Also, I see your point about the general education requirement. Again, that is what I was try to say—if the students are taking the same gen ed classes, it would be better for them to be in the same classroom, not split between two campuses. Similarly, if faculty are based at Eden Hall, it will not be easy for them to advise or serve as tutors for students on the Shadyside campus.
    I’m glad to know that faculty from the Sos are advising Env majors. However, the students I talked to did not know this. And the Biology faculty person I talked to said she was supposed to serve as advisor for all the current ENV students.
    I have no quarrel with the School of Sustainability—I agree that is a fine option and has the potential to be a good program.
    My issue is that by building a satellite campus at Eden Hall, Chatham is duplicating resources and increasing class and lab capacity at time when we are facing a decline in college enrollments. Classes and labs and amenities are being constructed at a time when current Shadyside campus is underutilized. My intention was to suggest that having a more cooperative arrangement in which the SoS programs and students utilized the Shadyside campus more fully would benefit both programs.

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