Douglass Residential College at Rutgers

Thank you to the alumnae and students who submitted Douglass Residential College at Rutgers (New Brunswick)—a model of a women’s residential college program in a larger co-educational university setting.

From the program’s website:

Through personalized programs, leadership opportunities, and residential learning communities, Douglass offers an enhancement to the wonderful opportunities for undergraduates at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Douglass’ programs range from a first-year orientation that assists students in adjusting to college to senior year workshops, externship programs and labor force preparation. Douglass, a community of students invested in their own and each other’s success, offers a four-year academic engagement curriculum for any female undergraduate student at Rutgers–New Brunswick.

Douglass caters to the wide variety of students’ interests, with a specialization for women in science, math, engineering, and technology majors. While at Douglass, all students are provided with customized programs, including peer mentors, themed and language housing, active student clubs, a student government, scholarships, leadership opportunities, and common first-year learning experiences.

Douglass offers some classes, but students take their academic courses through Rutgers’ schools and departments.