Admission Visits, Fairs & Outreach

Based on feedback and questions we have received through e-mail, on the blog or at the town hall meetings, there have been some questions concerning attendance at recruiting fairs, high school visits and other outreach related to the recruiting of students for Chatham College for Women.

The Office of Admission at Chatham University has a long tradition and emphasis on high quality personalized individualized recruitment. This includes regional and national attendance at college fairs and individualized visits at high schools.

From Fall 2011 to Fall 2013 the Chatham Office of Undergraduate Admission attended over 603 high school visits and college fairs in over 11 states nationally. When admission counselors were unable to attend, alumnae volunteers have been used to assist in covering fairs.

  • Fall 2011:           90 visits & fairs / 7 states
  • Sp 2012:            51 visits & fairs / 10 states
  • Fall 2012:          237 visits & fairs / 11 states
  • Spring 2013:     75 visits & fairs / 7 states
  • Fall 2013:          150 visits & fairs / 11 states
  • Spring 2014:     47* visits & fairs / 7 states

*numerous fairs and invites are still being confirmed at the time of this post. 

This spring includes many personalized high school visits, regional college fairs as well as nine national NACAC college fairs including Pittsburgh, Miami, Rochester, Columbus, Cleveland, Buffalo, Montgomery County, New Jersey and Prince George’s County.

In addition to high school visits and college fairs, the office has also sought to make Chatham a destination for high school guidance counselors and groups of students. These have included:

From 2009 through 2012, we hosted a School Guidance Counselor Fly-In and overnight. This was an all-expenses paid event for high school guidance counselors that provided guidance counselors from across the country the opportunity to see Chatham programs and campus firsthand.

Each December we host a local high school guidance counselor and community college advisor campus reception on the Shadyside campus. In October 2013 an event was also hosted for counselors at Eden Hall Campus and included presentations from CCW faculty and the Dean.

Chatham University also seeks to host large high school events and large group tours. Examples of these include North Hills High School who brought two large groups of seniors to see the cadaver lab and tour campus in May 2013.  College For Every Student (CFES) brought a group from Erie in February 2013. Shaler High School held an M-Powerment Event here last March and will be hosting Celebration of Diversity next week. Fairfield High School is bringing a group at the end of March and Propel High School is bringing a group at the end of April.

The University continues to host the National Women & Girls in Sports event which draws over 150 high school girls each year to campus. Chatham is a partner with the YWCA and STEM-STARS program which helps improve academic achievement and increase interest in, and awareness of, STEM topics and careers among economically disadvantaged girls. Chatham also hosts regular events in the fall for Pittsburgh promise students from Pittsburgh public high schools with this year’s event including participation by Pittsburgh Promise students and alumnae of Chatham College for Women.