Marketing & Recruiting Partners

Based on feedback and questions we have received through e-mail, on the blog or at the town hall meetings, there have been some questions concerning consultants and/or partners utilized in respect to supporting and enhancing marketing/ recruitment efforts for Chatham College for Women.

Respected student enrollment consultants, Noel-Levitz, were brought in during the 2011 and 2012 recruiting cycles. Their recommendations and methodology were followed during these cycles and per the chart shared in the campus community presentation, first-time, first-year enrollment unfortunately continued to declined in each of these cycles.

In addition, Chatham has worked with a number of enrollment and marketing partners who specialize in student lead generation, creating awareness among prospective students and helping to improve marketing and recruiting efforts. These include Carnegie Communications, Hobsons, Target X, NRCCUA, Zinch, Cappex and the College Board as examples.

Additional details on marketing and recruiting activities and considerations, including links to samples are on the previous post entitled Enrollment & Marketing.