Hood College Coeducational Experience

As noted in the campus community presentations, a number of former women’s colleges have successfully transitioned to a co-educational setting over the past two decades while maintaining their commitments to women and women’s education.

One such school, Hood College in Maryland, began accepting men in 2003 as a response to declining enrollment that culminated in their lowest enrollment since 1973 in the fall of 2001 with 784 undergraduates. Following their transition to co-ed, their undergraduate enrollment grew ~90% to stand at 1,487 undergraduate students in 2011 (ten years after their low enrollment point).

They recently published a special feature in their alumni magazine celebrating the 10th year anniversary of their decision with perspectives from students, faculty, alumnae and administrators. They have agreed to let us provide a link to a PDF of the article for this blog post.

Click here to view the article PDF

Consistent with our Board’s thinking as Chatham considers coeducation, the article emphasizes the importance of “continuing Hood’s mission to educate women, despite its change in direction.” According to Hood’s longest-serving faculty member, “Of its identity in caring for women and women’s rights and preparing women for careers, Hood will always stand by that.”