Chatham University Faculty Statement

At the end of March, Chatham’s faculty (both undergraduate and graduate) developed, voted on and issued a Statement Regarding Consideration of Chatham College for Women Becoming a Co-educational College.

The following is the statement that was adopted by the Chatham University faculty:

As the faculty of Chatham University, we implement the academic mission of the institution in our classrooms and through our mentorship and guidance of students.  In making this statement, we contribute to the discussion in the Chatham community.

We are dedicated to the students and graduates of Chatham University and to the institution itself.  It is once again time for Chatham University to change, and we are carefully considering how best to educate our students.  We recognize that the proposal to become coeducational is based on the need to expand and enrich our undergraduate college in response to changing demographics and student interests in higher education.  We want our students to have a range of choices in their majors and courses, vibrant classrooms, and robust programs. Therefore, the faculty of Chatham University conclude that the next logical step is for the Board of Trustees to consider coeducation to help us achieve these goals.  We do not consider this option lightly nor do we consider it a panacea.

Regardless of the decision made by the Trustees, we remain committed to women’s empowerment and will work to ensure that women continue to be leaders, to have a strong voice in the classroom, and to learn in an environment that encourages women to realize their full potential. We also remain committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all people, irrespective of gender identity.  We will work with the University community to continue the transformation needed to ensure the quality of the educational experience at Chatham.  We look forward to having an integral role in future planning for the University, drawing on our collective expertise.

We ask the Board of Trustees at this time to explore every option, listen to all constituencies, and make a decision that will preserve and support undergraduate education at Chatham University.