Alumnae Perspectives: Dr. Barbara Bruner, 1952

Dear Alumnae & Friends,

Twenty-plus years ago we were involved in a “fight” to keep Chatham an all-women’s college. Most of us were unhappy at the possible addition of men and, after much “anguish,” we remained uni-sex, recruited Esther Barazzone to be our President (the best decision ever made!!!), and with her leadership, eventually became a vibrant UNIVERSITY. We flourished with new and exciting areas of study, advanced degrees in many fields, national recognition for our work in sustainable living and MEN all over the place. The University has thrived but NOT the College.

OUR COLLEGE, AS A WOMAN’S SCHOOL ONLY, HAS CONTINUED TO DECLINE IN ENROLLMENT AND NOW, ITSELF, IS NO LONGER SUSTAINABLE. The need for college-level students is imperative. I know it may be sad for us to become co-ed but I suspect that we will survive as we did after becoming a university. I want Pennsylvania¬†Female College-Pennsylvania College for Women-Chatham College-Chatham University to be with us for another 145 years since its inception in 1869. Many things have been altered in our world over the past years and WE ARE STILL HERE. The addition of males on campus has not been detrimental to the school nor to us as individuals.

Please add you voice to approve the necessary changes to enroll men as full undergraduate students in the College.

Please continue to give to Chatham financially during this time of turmoil and decision-making. This is my own personal plea to each of you. Chatham needs your support emotionally and verbally as well as financially.

Much love to all.

Secretary, Class of 1952 and unofficial “Mother Hen”