Supported Tools

Instructional Technology All of our documentation can be found on myChatham – Except Moodle specific documentation is housed in Moodle. Moodle It’s our learning management system (lms).  It contains all courses.  It isContinue reading

From Storify to Wakelet

Web 2.0 tools are a great resource.  They can really help enhance teaching and learning, but sometimes after you find the perfect tool the company decides to go a different direction.  All of a suddenContinue reading

Moodle Grader

The new Moodle Grader makes grading assignments faster than ever before! Here is how it works! Quick Overview 1 – Assignments can be annotated 2 – Assignments can be downloaded 3 – Grades can beContinue reading

Sharing Cart

Did you ever wish you could move just one or two things from your previous Moodle course into your new Moodle course?  Do you teach multiple sections of the same course or similar courses andContinue reading

Mass Actions Block

Did you ever wish you could select multiple items in Moodle to move, hide, show, delete, indent or copy all at one time?  Now you can with the Mass Actions Block. Here is how itContinue reading

Moving Items

Are you having trouble moving items in Moodle?  There is a little trick that may help! Here is how it works! 1. Turn Editing On 2. Click and Hold the 4 way arrow next theContinue reading

PoodLL Feedback

Despite the silly name, PoodLL feedback is a really powerful tool.  It allows teachers to leave audio feedback on individual student assignments.  The PoodLL feedback option is selected by default on all new assignments. HereContinue reading

Single View Grading

Are you frustrated with the Moodle Gradebook?  Here is a quick tip that may help! The Single View of the gradebook allows you to see either: All students grades for one assignment OR All assignmentContinue reading


How do I get training on Moodle? Consult the Happenings Calendar on MyChatham for upcoming trainings. For individual Moodle training or to suggest workshops, please contact Need Additional Help? Feel free to utilize theContinue reading