Final Reflection

My internship at the aquarium is technically over (for credit through the university), however, I am extending my internship throughout this summer. I truly enjoyed the experience thus far and I learned a lot about marine science, the roles of an aquarist, and real world situations like interviews and careers. The aquarist I was paired […]

Week 13

This week we did the basic tasks that included our usual coral tanks along with coverage of certain other tanks like Octopus, Mangroves, Sustarium, and Garden Eels. The big takeaway from this week was that I have decided to continue interning with the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium throughout the summer. I am very interested […]

Week 12

This weekend was unique in that multiple people were out for various reasons, which allowed me to do different coverage. For example, on Sunday I was tasked with performing the daily duties required for our micro cultured live foods. Following this I was allowed to help with the feeding of the penguins, which I have […]

Week 11

This week contained a few projects that I have yet to participate in, including drainage and removal of a tank from our quarantine department, transporting fish to a different tank, and feeding the penguins. Along with these tasks, I performed the typical requirements for our tanks, like changing our sock filters and feeding. I also […]

Tenth Week

This week it seemed as though I was able to do most of the tasks necessary by myself without supervision. This was rewarding because it shows that I have learned what I need to do and am capable of performing these tasks alone. Along with this, we focused on some notes Justine told me to […]

Ninth Week

This week we focused on different aspects of the exhibits I work with. On Saturday, it was my first day target feeding the two zebra sharks. Sunday was the day that we definitely focused on teaching me how to do new things and the purpose behind the things I was doing. The morning was fully […]

Eighth Week

This week all but one of our sea turtles was sent to Florida for their release, therefore, I was able to help cover the quarantine department since our staff was on the trip. I definitely am feeling more confident with the tasks I need to complete while there, and the coverage days are rewarding because […]

Seventh Week

This week, I received my midterm evaluation for the internship. This evaluation tested my knowledge of aquarium tasks and how to prioritize things. Along with this, it tested my knowledge of aquarium processes like biological filtration. Upon completion of this evaluation, Justine (the aquarist I intern with) went over the questions with me and stated […]

Sixth Week

This week we had double coverage on Oceans and Quarantine along with our usual exhibits. This gave me more practice with different departments/sections of the aquarium. I performed new tasks, such as turtle shell treatment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This was a more hands-on task compared to others. Along with this, I was allowed to […]

Fifth Week

On Saturday this week, I slightly got to cover a few freshwater tanks. The tasks for these tanks are practically the same except for the eels, feeding requires more protection. Sunday we covered our usual tanks, however, we did a new job. Instead of just vacuuming the substrate of our coral tanks, we removed them […]