Callie Crossley on Fake News

Author: Atiya Irvin-Mitchell

Throughout the week of April 3, producer, journalist, Oscar-nominee, and emmy winner Callie Crossley could be seen on Chatham’s campus. For three days she circulated through classes, met with student journalists, and mentored Chatham’s Black Student Union in preparation for a discussion panel. Her final act as a guest on campus was to venture to receive an award and help those who filled Eddy Theatre on April 5, make sense of an issue swirling through minds and news cycles: Fake News.

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Chatham Board Shies Away From Sanctuary Campus Label

Author: Emma Honcharski

This fall, a petition signed by over 76 Chatham faculty and staff members and a student-organized march requested Chatham make the declaration of Sanctuary Campus status, joining universities across the country in a movement concerned with the future of undocumented students under the Trump administration. This February, President David Finegold and Jennifer Potter, Chair of Chatham’s Board of Trustees, released a statement covering the Board of Trustees’ decision in response to the petition, deciding against using the label of Sanctuary Campus to describe Chatham.

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Chatham Men’s Baseball Kickoff Inaugural Season Down South

Author: Jack Ridneour

The Chatham men’s baseball season has officially started, and it has gotten off to quite a start. Over spring break the team traveled down south to play a number of games against other colleges around the country. The team faced College of Staten Island, University of Valley Forge, Clarks Summit University and Dean College. The Cougars entered the six game stretch with a chip on their shoulder, as they felt they had something to prove to the other established programs.

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Chatham Students Take the Stage at Rea Coffee House Reading

Author: Iyanna Armwood

To celebrate the creative mind, the Spring 2017 Rea Coffee House Reading Series was held on March 16, 2017 in Chatham University’s Julia and James Rea House basement. The reading series is held once every semester. Many of Chatham University’s undergraduate writers submit pieces to read. This spring the feature readers chosen anonymously by the Creative Writing Club were Lee Marsh, Carsyn Smith, Iris Marzolf, Claire Wozniak and Anniston Bieri. This was followed by an open mic where anyone could come up and share their own pieces.

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Annual Extraction is Another Success

Author: Alexandria DeVlaeminck

This past Friday, March 24, a plethora of artists from the Chatham community displayed their artwork at Chatham’s annual Extraction hosted by Chatham’s Artist Collective. Crowds of people floated into the Welker Room in Laughlin Music Hall to view the art and be a part of a Chatham tradition that supports the creativity of students.

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Women’s Basketball Finishes Season Strong

Author: Jack Ridenour

The women’s basketball team had a season that was filled with highs and lows all year long. The team finished the season with a 13-13 record overall, and a 7-11 conference record. The team had some big wins throughout their season, including a season sweep of Westminster College and a win against Waynesburg University at Waynesburg. The team had some tough losses against Thomas Moore College and St. Vincent College, two of the top teams in their conference.

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Science is Real!

Author: Maggie McGovney

After many a debate, I’ve said that I wish I could choose science as my religion.

That’s not to say science belongs in the same category as faith.  The good thing about science is that you don’t need to have faith in it; in fact, it wishes you wouldn’t.  It demands skepticism.  It says, “Please question me.  Please argue with me.  Please be as credulous as you can.  If you find something about me that isn’t right, let everyone know so that we can fix it.”  I want science to count as my religion because of the respect religion gets in our culture.

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Vagina Monologues Enjoy Another Year of Success

Photo Credit: Janelle Moore
Author: Iyanna Armwood

Chatham University’s annual performance of “The Vagina Monologues,” have come and gone successfully again with the help of the its directors, Indigo Baloch, Bethany Bookout and Megan Cooper, and its cast. “The Vagina Monologues,” are a series of monologues made up of interviews with women. The aim of the play is to provide insight on issues surrounding the vagina and the female gender. These monologues were held on February 17, in Eddy Theater at 7 p.m. with a large turn out.

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