Green Eats: Chatham Parkhurst

Author: Destiny Reber

Green Eats: A series of restaurant reviews with a perspective in sustainability

Dining locations across Chatham’s campuses, such as Anderson Dining Hall and Café Rachel, in collaboration with Parkhurst Dining Services, aim to serve a wide variety of healthful and delicious meals to students, staff, and guests within the Chatham community.  By implementing a series of strategic sourcing techniques, Chatham’s kitchens strive to provide options that accommodate the wide range of diets and tastes that accompany the diversity that comes along with a college campus.  Chatham’s Parkhurst prides itself on the quality and freshness of their foods, which is why produce is sourced from within 125 miles from the university, and a large amount of Chatham’s meal items are made from scratch right on campus.

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Chatham Launches Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Group

Author: Allison Albitz

Chatham University is excitedly launching the Sexual Assault Prevention

Advisory Group this month. The coordinator, Heather Black, Assistant Dean of

Student, created the group after hearing feedback from students. “Basically, it came

from doing so many educational sessions and we were hearing from students that

they wanted to be involved, weren’t quite sure how to bring that conversation to the

table, so I started just taking down names.”

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Movie Review: Moonlight (2016)

Author: Iyanna Armwood

“Moonlight,” is a film that all moviegoers should see. Released in 2016 and written and directed by Barry Jenkins “Moonlight,” is an excellent exploration of race, sexuality and isolation that gives face to American harsh realities. The coming-of-age drama follows Chiron, the main character, through three stages of his life as he tries to figure out his identity while fighting the expectations of Miami and the world at large. Chiron is played by Alex R. Hibbert as a child, Ashton Sanders as a teenager and Trevante Rhodes as an adult.

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In Response to Steelers as SVU Characters

Author: Kaitlyn Shirey

Recently I saw a video in my feed of the “Law and Order SVU,” intro where the characters were replaced with players for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It was meant to be a fun watch for fans, seeing our city’s football stars compared to the often triumphant police officers and detectives depicted in the television show.  Those images of big beefy men in costume-like suits were also meant to be intimidating, the sepia harkening back to old Hollywood detective aesthetic.  A well-made video for a city that loves its team…

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1 Year Passed, Twitch Still Refuses to Tell Why It Banned Yandere Simulator

Author: Iyanna Armwood

Twitch, founded in June 2011,  is one the world’s leading community for gamers. About one million people log on to talk about video games and watch the two million streamers play video games every day. Some streamers actually make a living off streaming on Twitch and people watch either for entertainment or influences on whether to buy the game.  Twitch banned the stealth game “Yandere Simulator,” from being streamed on its website last year, and YandereDev, the game developer of “Yandere Simulator,” has yet to hear back as to why that is.

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