By the people, for the people: CSG weekly update

With the end of the semester fast approaching, the Chatham Student Government (CSG) meeting on Thursday, April 9 was a brief one.

Dean Zauyah Waite—Chatham University Dean of Students—urged students during her officer’s report to attend Closing Convocation on Tuesday, April 14, saying, “please encourage your class to participate in this program.”

“We always struggle to get students to go,” she continued, reminding students that, “this is an event that honors you.”

She then went on to address the much talked about location changes for several facilities on campus.

While assuring the CSG that, “the comments that came through are going to be looked at,” she also made it clear that there really is no room for discussion at this time, as the changes that were presented are already underway.

She pointed out the construction that is currently occurring in the basement of Woodland Hall and in the former home of the Weathervane to emphasize this point.

Waite also added that in addition to the previously discussed changes, handrails will be installed on the pathway that runs past Dilworth Hall, and all golf carts will be required to take the roads instead of the sidewalks.

Additionally, she said that administration is looking into refurbishing the preexisting lounges and adding a 24-hour library space, as per the CSG’s requests.

In regards to the question of adding a convenience store in the new bookstore, which would allow students to use their flex to buy various essentials, Waite explained that the bookstore uses a different vendor than Anderson and Café Rachel, thereby making the use of flex in the bookstore impossible. However, she suggested the possibility that they could, “supply both items in both spaces.”

She ended by discussing the changes to the art gallery, saying that the new glass door between Café Rachel and the gallery will ensure that, “the art is being appreciated.”

After Waite’s report the conversation shifted to the topic of the recent student elections, which occurred earlier that week.

“One-hundred-and-fifty students turned out for the elections,” CSG Executive President Sarah Jugovic said, adding that the number increased from the previous year.

She further added that the CSG’s new constitution was passed by the student body.

Following Jugovic’s report, Phoebe Armstrong, Class of 2016 President and head of the shuttle committee, gave a report on the progress of the her shuttle survey, which was sent out to collect student feedback about Chatham University’s shuttle service.

Armstrong began by saying that the 142 responses so far are, “pretty good, but we can do better,” and adding that the results will be compiled during Maymester.

In her report on the progress of the Code of Conduct, Tahmina Tursonzadah, Class of 2017 President, explained that the document would not be finished in time to vote on it this semester, and instead moved to create a committee to look at it in the Fall 2015 semester. The Senate approved her motion.

The final point of discussion was that of the campus Wi-Fi, about which there were reports of widespread complaints.

Heather Black, Director of Student Affairs & Residence Life, responded by saying, “there have been specialists who are working 24/7 in an effort to address the issues.”

Waite suggested that students use the computer labs if they have assignments that need to be completed, and Black reminded students about the numerous hard ports across campus where they can plug in Ethernet cables.

“Timing is bad, you’re right,” she said, but added, “These are issues that were not anticipated.”

Upcoming events at Chatham include closing convocation on April 14, Senior Happy Hour on April 16, Sister Wars on April 18, and the Screening of Pitch Perfect on May 14.

Armstrong also plugged an event at the University of Pittsburgh entitled, “Fight for 15,” which is in support of raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, and will occur on April 15.

The CSG meets every Thursday, and all meetings are open to the student body.

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