Annual Extraction is Another Success

Author: Alexandria DeVlaeminck

This past Friday, March 24, a plethora of artists from the Chatham community displayed their artwork at Chatham’s annual Extraction hosted by Chatham’s Artist Collective. Crowds of people floated into the Welker Room in Laughlin Music Hall to view the art and be a part of a Chatham tradition that supports the creativity of students.

Artwork was hung on giant boards that created a maze for spectators to walk through. There was also work hung on the wall and others placed on easels. Many different mediums of art were also showcased at the Extraction.  Paintings, photographs, sketches, and more were put on display. Hors d’oeuvres with vegan friendly options were served at a nearby table that allowed guests to eat while enjoying the art.

Every piece at the event stood out, including a painted clock that stood by the front door done by first year Kasey Neiderlander, who is majoring in Arts Management. Inspired by her love for New York, she mentions, “I love New York and I’ve always wanted to go there and before I went to New York I did this clock halfway and then I came back from New York and I finished it.”  

Other student artists presented artwork that was part of projects they had done in class. One of whom was senior Alexis McKenna, who is studying Visual Arts. She showed prints that will be part of her Tutorial Show in April which focused on how media and advertising influence female body issues.

There was then a performance by the band Soda Pop. People gathered around to a space in the room reserved for this band to listen and enjoy. Soda Pop performed jazz and folk inspired music that added a special feel to moment.

With flocks of people floating around to share and support art, it is clear to see that the Chatham community is always supporting the creativity among the students and local community. Senior Maggie McGovney has been to every Extraction for the past four years and mentions that, “The Chatham community is always very loving. I never hear bad words.” This goes to show that that celebration of artists at Chatham has and still is something important to members of this institution.

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