Chatham’s Sustainable Impact Team Calls for Divestment

Author: Claire Rhode

The Sustainable Impact Team finally met with Walter Fowler and members of Chatham’s Board of Trustees Friday February 17, for a meeting that had been rescheduled multiple times. They were discussing divesting Chatham from fossil fuels. To do this, the school would have to change its investment strategy and try to invest only in companies that do not propagate fossil fuel use.

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Chatham Administration Takes Steps Toward Divestment

Author: Emma Honcharski

Following the October Board of Trustees meeting, President Finegold sent out a campus-wide email regarding future plans to place a larger focus on sustainability issues in Chatham’s investment decisions. The Investment Committee has plans to replace both a hedge fund investment and large corporation equity fund with alternatives that have environmental issues in mind, including greenhouse gas emissions and rising global temperatures.

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