Learning from our friends

We’re well into Session B here at the Chatham University Music and Arts Day Camp.  A common question I hear campers asking each other is “What do you do in Imagination Ink?” or “What do you do in Cinemaniacs?” and so on.  It seemed fitting to have campers interview each other about the different classes they are taking—1. So the could learn from each other about the many opportunities here at day camp, and 2. So the 6-week campers could get to know the new campers and vice versa.

Each day, you’ll see a new interview, and we hope they’re fun and informative.  Be sure to check out our Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook pages too, you know, because Social Media Rules!

Social Media Rules!

Hi followers, this is Miss Teresa, the instructor for Social Media Rules! Social Media Rules is a class that allows campers here at the Chatham Day Camp to take over the camp’s social media and post about camp happenings, all while learning about netiquette, i.e., safe Internet use.

Today, campers worked on blog posts that touched on a few camp issues: what to do for theme day, serving ice cream on Fridays only, and even though camp is awesome, some of them wrote about their dream vacation (what many of us wish for every summer!).  Other campers wrote reviews of the cafeteria food and their classes.  Some got crazy and wrote about the day in the life of a camper and what would happen if the campers took over camp.  To make sure that our readers have something to look forward to every day, campers learned that to keep their audience’s interest, they should stagger their posts.  I mean, we’d hate to give you all of the good stuff at once.

We hope you enjoy our posts this summer.  Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr!


Miss Teresa


Interview with Sebastian

Today I will be interviewing Sebastian about about a class he likes at Chatham day camp. The class is called Eco art.

Q:What is the main idea of Eco art?

A:The main idea of Eco art is to make art from nature

Q:What’s your favorite part of Eco art?

A:When we use the nature to create cool art

Q:Why do you like Eco art?

A: You get to use art in nature not just plain art.

Q:Why did you choose Eco art as your class?

A:I chose Eco art as my class because i wanted to try a new art.

Q:If there was one thing you would change about Eco art what would it be?

A:I would like if you had a big project instead of a bunch of two day mini projects.


Xander period one

Interview with Salvatore

I will  interview Salvatore about Painting studio

Q: What do you like about painting studio?

A:I like it because we get a topic and a material and we get to paint anything in that topic.

Q:What do you like to paint?

A: Fantastical creatures.

Q: What have you made?

A: An abstract mixed media painting.


-David period 1

Evan’s interview with Avery

Evan (interviewer): "What do you do in drama?"
Avery: Acting exercises, scenes, monologues, etc.
Evan (interviewer): "What play are you working on right now?"
Avery: "The talky bits"
Evan (interviewer): "What's your favorite part about drama?"
Avery: Getting scripts and going over lines.
Evan (interviewer): "What period do you have drama?"
Avery: Period 3.
Evan (interviewer): "Who is your drama teacher?"
Avery: Miss Sarah.

Interview with TJ

Today we are Interviewing our classmates in this class. We are comparing our schedules and seeing what different classes we have and asking different questions about them.

I am interviewing camper TJ today.

Class: ‘Prop Shop’

5 Questions :

Q : What do you do in Prop shop?

A: You make props and costumes for the different plays.

Q: Why did you pick this class?

A: I have been taking this class for the past few years that I came here and I liked it.

Q: Did you learn anything from this class?

A: I am learning new ways to make different objects.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Prop Shop?

A: My favorite thing about Prop Shop is to be artistic in making the props in the shop.

Q: Are you excited to see your work at the performance?

A: I will be happy for everyone to see my work! 


Interviewed by: Hannah Chang


Interview with Evan

Interviewer:” What is the class Fundies about?”

Evan:” Fundies is a class about technical theater; ex, lighting, and backstage work.”

Interviewer:”What is your favorite part of partaking in the class Fundies?”

Evan:”It is when we get to go to the Eddy theater.”

Interviewer:”Why did you decide to sign up for Fundies?”

Evan:” It was a new class this year, and I’m already in prop shop, so it seemed like something I was into.”

Interviewer:”What is a project you are working on now?”

Evan: “Were working on the set of Suessical the Musical making props along with prop shop.”

Interviewer: “What period is Fundies in for you?”

Evan: “It is period three.”


Interview with the one and only Xander!!!!

Today I am meeting up with Xander and I will ask him a few questions about a class he has at Chatham Day Camp. The class will be Mindful Movement.

Q: What is the main thing that you do in Mindful Movement?

A: We do various activities that involve moving your body such as juggling and slack roping.

Q: What is your favorite activity you have done in Mindful Movement?

A: My favorite activity was making juggling balls.

Q: If you could choose an activity that you could do in Mindful Movement what would it be?

A: I would do a fairly calm sport such as corn hole.

Q:Why do you enjoy Mindful Movement?

A: I like it because you get to do things that you normally wouldn’t do.

Q: Why did you think it would be fun to try Mindful Movement?

A: I like movement and I like to do active things.

Interview with Isaac

For our Social Media Rules class, I interviewed Isaac about Eco-Art because I didn’t take Eco-Art and Eco-Art seemed like an interesting topic.


Q: What is your favorite part of Eco-Art?
A: Planting.
Q: Why did you choose Eco-Art?
A: Because I’m really interested in art.
Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate Eco-Art?
A: 8.
Q: If you had to switch Eco-Art for another class, what would you switch it for?
A: Either Mixed Media or Jazz Hip- Hop
Q:What is something you would add or take away from Eco-Art to make it better?
A: Take away the fact that it uses nature because I thought the Eco part would mean home economics.

Jonah, Period 6

Interview with David

Today I am interviewing David about a class that he has at the Chatham Day Camp. This class will be Digital Photography.

Q: What is the main thing that you do in Digital Photography?

A:Using Photoshop and taking photos for viewing.

Q:What’s your favorite part of Digital Photography?

A: Taking pictures.

Q: Why do you like Digital Photography?

A: I like Digital Photography because we get to take pictures and use Photoshop.


-Sam, Period 1

An interview with the one and only, totally awesome, super spectacular, Emily!!!!!

In Social Media Rules, I had the wonderful pleasure to interview Emily. Today, We will be interviewing each other about a class that one of us takes, while the other one does not. I will be interviewing Emily about Ballet II.

 1.)          Hank:       What do you think about Ballet II?

               Emily:       I love Ballet II!  We learn a bunch of  new things and technique.


2.)           Hank:       Have you done Ballet outside of camp? If so, how many years?

Emily:       Yes! For 5 years.


3.)           Hank:       What song will you be dancing to this session ( Session B )?

Emily:      We will be dancing to ‘Human” by Christina Perri. So excited!


4.)           Hank:       Who teaches Ballet II?

Emily:        Miss Nisa.


5.)           Hank:         Are you looking forward for the Session B performance?

Emily:       Yes! So excited to preform in front of a bunch of friends!