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Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

2017 Changes in the Student Health Services that You Need to Know


Dear Chatham Students,

In an effort to improve the quality of our services and provide a more comprehensive health care for you, effective September 4th, 2017, Chatham University and the UPMC-Urgent Care of Shadyside have partnered up to attend to your urgent health needs at their location, a few miles away from the Chatham Woodland campus, 5231 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (across from Shadyside Hospital).

Briefly, if you are a registered student, no fee is required for basic issues, listed in the attached handout. Major issues will be billed accordingly, to your insurance provider. Your student ID is required to be attended for services.


  • The Health Services will continue its operations by providing FIRST AID and guidance, when in need, to visit the Urgent Care facility.
  • If you decide to visit the Student Health Services because you are not feeling well, our Medical Assistant will help you navigate your way, when in need, to the UPMC-Urgent Care facility located in Shadyside. This staff member will aid you with the necessary arrangements for transportation to have a successful visit and will provide instructions when you are ready to return to campus.
  • The Health Services operations are as follow:
    • Office hours: Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.
    • Location: Woodland Hall, Ground Level
    • Phone number: (412) 365-1714
  • Other instances, in which by choice, you decide to go on your own or accompanied by a friend, to the Urgent Care facility, you may:
    • Call Public Safety at (412) 365-1230. Let the Staff Officer responding to the call know that you need a transport to the UPMC-Urgent Care facility. This staff member will respond accordingly and assist you with the needed transportation to the above facility. Instructions on how to return to campus will be provided by the staff member.
    • Arrange for personal transportation to visit the UPMC-Urgent Care facility. Uber and Z-Trip are usually the preferred for taxi transportation.
  • NOTE FOR CAMPUS RESIDENTS: If you do not feel well, you may utilize the Residence Life On-Call Protocol stipulated by your hall or apartment.


The UPMC-Urgent Care facility is located in Shadyside, a 10-minute ride from our main campus.

  • Address: 5231 Centre Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (across from Shadyside Hospital)

  • Phone: (412)623-4114
  • Hours of Services: 9:00 a.m. –  9:00 p.m. every day/365 days of the year

For detailed information regarding this new student health services, please review the attachment carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Health Services, located at Woodland Hall or call 412-365-1714.


Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.


Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Office of Student Affairs

Woodland Hall, 1st Floor

Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15232

412-365-2794 (p)    412-365-1620 (f)     419-309-7207 (cell)

Instagram & Twitter @zwaite

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