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May 30, 2013
by zwaite
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Congratulations CHATHAM Graduates

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It has been an honor, and my pleasure to serve as your Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. One of the most important aspects of being “world ready” is having the innate ability to serve others.  Throughout your time at Chatham we’ve strived to contribute to your growth as a professional and to continue to be an engaged, environmentally responsible, globally conscious, life-long learner, and a citizen leader for democracy.   Chatham has provided you with the venue to grow, reflect, experiment, fail, and above all else succeed.  It is with many ups and down that you refine who you seek to be in life in addition to recognizing the civic responsibility we all have to one another and to those we have yet to meet in life.   

Promise me that you will rise to the challenge of serving and the art of saying thank you. Do this…not for me…but for yourselves.


Please allow me to start – thank you for enriching my life and Chatham University.  The reason I love my job is because of students like you. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the academic vigor and excellence that you have added as a member of this very fine institution. In your very own way, each and every one of you have made Chatham a better place …you have played a critical role in the life and energy of the place we all call Chatham. Today, I honor you … today I say THANK YOU.  Chatham University is proud to have you as alumnae and look forward to all of the amazing things you will do in your life.  Stay in touch and remember to visit us as often as you can.  Finally, do keep the art of giving alive.

senior toast

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Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.

April 23, 2013
by zwaite
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Doing Kindness for Katie

Doing Kindness for Katie

Written by Leiba Estrin and Sara Weinstein

To contact Leiba and Sara please email


What do you do after the untimely death of a fellow student?

Katie Walters was a friend to many.  She was 20 years old, and a woman of convictions. She was both serious and spontaneous. She liked to have fun.  No one could forget her beautiful smile.  As one friend commented, “When you were with her, she had an incredible ability to make you feel like you were the most important person in the world.”


What do you do when a friend passes away?

“To everything there is a season

A time to live, a time to die…”

To everything there is a purpose under Heaven.”


We may never know the purpose of her death.  But we can learn from the purpose of her life.  Katie noticed others.  Everyone agrees that Katie was very kind.  As Esther L. Barazzone, the President of Chatham University, said at the recent Memorial Service for Katie,  “In Katie’s memory, stop and do an act of kindness for someone.  It may be the hardest thing to do.  It may also be the most important thing to do!”

Chabad on Chatham has chosen to do two special programs in Katie’s memory for Chatham students.

“Slips of Kindness” was a simple, but far-reaching idea to empower more people to do acts of kindness on campus.  On Tuesday, April 16, members of Chabad on Chatham gave out bags including a chocolate chip cookie and a slip of kindness.  These slips of paper each suggested a single act of kindness to do that day.  Examples included:download (4)

–         Call a friend to say hi today.

–         Smile at someone walking past you to brighten his/her day.

–         Thank a cashier who you encounter today.

–         Take time to listen to someone and be empathetic to their feelings.

–         Go out of your way to do something nice for

–         Take time to notice a friend.

–         Give charity to your favorite cause.

Students were really happy with the opportunity to be a part of this simple but meaningful activity.

The second program planned in Katie’s memory will take place on May 1st in the Mellon Living Room.  Called, An Evening with Leah Herman: A Jewish Feminist Perspective,” this program will bring together friends of Katie’s and hopefully, students from all backgrounds for an uplifting and inspiring perspective of womanhood.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Refreshments will be served.

“As painful as Katie’s loss is, “ Chabad Student President, Leiba Estrin, asserts, “Chabad on Chatham will strive to do more acts of kindness for Katie.”   Pass it along.  It may be the hardest thing to do, but it may be the most important thing you CAN do!