Faculty Technology Fellows

Welcome to the Chatham University Faculty Technology Fellows program The primary goal of the program is to empower faculty and students in their effective use of technology to enhance teaching, increase student engagement, and advance scholarship. Please click the button below to read more.

About the program
  • Technology Lunch & Learn on the Flipped Classroom

    Technology Lunch & Learn on the Flipped Classroom

  • 12-13 Faculty Technology Fellows

    12-13 Faculty Technology Fellows

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

To learn about how the faculty technology fellows implemented VoiceThread, SMARTboards, Google Moderator and more to increase student engagement.
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Enhanced Teaching

Enhanced Teaching

To learn about how the faculty technology fellows implemented Poll Everywhere, iPads, Prezi and more to enhance their teaching.
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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

To learn about how the faculty technology fellows implemented Panopto, Google Drive and more to connect with students beyond the classroom.
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Paperless Projects

Paperless Projects

To learn about how the faculty technology fellows implemented iPads, Turnitin, Portfolium to work paperlessly.
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Chatham Tech Fellow in the Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy

I’m very pleased to share that Dr. Tracy Bartel, a 2012-2013 Faculty Technology Fellow, has recently had her work published in the online peer-reviewed Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy. The article, Inspiring Student Engagement with Technology, addresses the question of how to replicate the educational benefits of in-class discussions and lectures in an online environment.

Congratulations to Tracy and thanks to her and the technology fellows for their ongoing work!

P.S. Don’t forgot to come support the 14-15 Technology Fellows on Thursday, April 9th for their Faculty Lecture Series Presentation!

Study Measures Benefits of a ‘Flipped’ Pharmacy Course

The Chronicle of Higher Education writes about a recent study on flipped classrooms. The study is to be published in February in Academic Medicine, the journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, but it is avaliable online now. It reports on the 2011 and 2012 versions of a first-year course for graduate students, “Basic Pharmaceutics II.” It also describe the course redesign and how what students thought of the change.

13-14 December 2013 Meeting Agenda


  1. December Lunch & Learn tomorrow: Molly Mehling on Challenge Based Learning
  2. ECAR 2014 Survey of IT and Undergraduate Study: We are going to participate! 
  3. Moodle Cheat Sheet and New Moodle RepositoriesDropbox and YouTube Integrations
  4. Taking notes with Evernote and Siri demo (Becky)
  5. Assessment and plans for Spring 2014 classes


Tracy Bartel, 2012-2013 Technology Fellow, will discuss her projects and offer advice to new fellows.

12-13 FTF November 2013 Meeting Agenda


  1. Volunteers to talk to the 13-14 group at their Dec. 2nd meeting from 10:45-11:45.
  2. Spring 2014 Lunch & Learns
  3. ECAR 2013 Survey of IT and Undergraduate Study: Inforgraphic of results and Full StudyDoes we want to participate in 2014 Student and Faculty Survey?
  4. Moodle Cheat Sheet
  5. General Problems/Concerns/Questions

Tech Updates:

  1. iOS 7, Mavericks, and Lync update
  2. Turnitin iPad App
  3. Taking notes with Evernote and Siri demo (Becky)
  4. Cool New Tools:

13-14 FTF November 2013 meeting agenda


  1. Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks update
  2. Lunch & Learn reminder – Wed. Nov. 6th Prezi with Ingrid Provident
  3. Lync questions
  4. ECAR 2013 Survey of IT and Undergraduate Study:
  • Inforgraphic of results
  • Full Study
  • Webinar: Tues. Nov. 12th 1:00-2:00: This free, hour-long webinar, “The Annual ECAR Student and IT Study will provide a unique look at students’ perceptions about technology use, trends, challenges, and opportunities in higher education. The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) conducts this annual study about undergraduates’ technology experiences and expectations in higher education. In 2013 ECAR partnered with 251 institutions and surveyed more than 112,000 undergraduates about their technology perspectives. Join us for this webinar to learn what students say about their technology experiences and hear ECAR’s plans to expand this work to include faculty perspectives.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Assessment, circling back to the planning guides from summer. Planning Guide 7 on Evernote.
  2. iPad use and new tools

3. New tools to check out:

4. December meeting topics


Our technology fellows aren’t afraid of technology…

or ‘no ghosts’!





TouchCast (http://www.touchcast.com/)

The newest app to grab my attention is TouchCast.  I often find apps that I like, but this app is sparking love!  TouchCast is being touted as “video and web coming together.” The app allows users to create videos that are fully customizable.  The videos need to be shot and viewed with an iPad for optimal performance, but the videos can still be viewed with limited interactivity from computers and smartphones.

Are you feeling vApp-id?

Nothing is vapid about TouchCast, but its Video Applications (vApps) are mind-blowing.  Users can create videos and add vApps.  The vApps add interactive components to the TouchCast recordings that are both professional in appearance and highly customizable.  Below is a screenshot of the all the vApps that are currently available.


Wait! There’s more!!

Beyond vApps, there is a useful whiteboard feature that allows users to draw directly on the video or on a blank screen.  There are also several video effects that can be added to the live video feed, and another really cool feature is the teleprompter.  That’s right, a teleprompter.  The teleprompter is found on the cameral tab and is fully adjustable.  The teleprompter appears on the side of the iPad nearest the camera so that you appear to be looking at the camera while reading your script or scanning your notes.

Beyond the teleprompter you can fully prep a TouchCast’s vApps, titles and whiteboard annotations and save them as projects, which can then be used in the TouchCast recording.

How to experience a TouchCast

TouchCast videos can be uploaded to Youtube, however the interactive features aren’t available.  Viewers of TouchCast videos will find the optimal viewing experience on an iPad 2 or new.  However, viewers can go to the TouchCast website (www.TouchCast.com) in either Chrome or Safari and enjoy the interactive viewing experience.

TouchCast in the Beginning (aka last month)

TouchCast was just added to the App Store on June 27, 2013 and I am sure there will be bugs, but it is one of the neatest apps I have seen in a long time.  The main limitation (for the time being) is the 60 minute upload limit.  TouchCast is currently free, which means limits.  However, they are developing a subscription plan that will allow users to buy more time in the future.

TouchCast’s Bright Future

On a final and morally sound note, TouchCast has a strict content guideline policy. They intended to enforce their commonsense guidelines, which are meant to prevent violent, sexually explicit, or hateful videos and comments.  It is nice to see that a sense of community is being established early and that this app will be used to its’ fullest potential for the good of all.

Feel free to view my TouchCasthttp://www.touchcast.com/chathamit/Sample-Touchcast



Here is the link to our test vialogues – https://vialogues.com/vialogues/play/9338 and directions on how to get started.




Articles about passwords

Here are two articles about passwords that are worth a read:



Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy article

Beidler5We are pleased that Chatham has been represented in a new peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (JITP). The article entitled “Incorporating the Virtual into the Physical Classroom: Online Mastery Quizzes as a Blended Assessment Strategy” originated from Kyle Beidler’s work in the Faculty Technology Fellows program.

Congratulations to him and the rest of the fellows for their ongoing work!