Chatham University’s Eden Hall Blend, was just named the “Best student-brewed cup of Joe” for 2011 by Pittsburgh Magazine!

Did we tell you it tastes good too?

It’s true!!  Pittsburgh Magazine thought it was “…a winner by any standard.” Well, now you can order our specially blended Eden Hall Coffee from the official Food Studies CSA. Some of you have been lucky enough to taste this dark, velvety elixir named after what will become the first sustainability campus built from the ground up. This Fair Trade, certified Organic blend was created for us by local coffee roasters La Prima Espresso. The blend is 50% Mexican, 25% Yirgacheffe and 25% Sidamo, which creates a wonderful milk chocolate and fruity aroma with a light body. Best of all, proceeds from our coffee sales go to the Food Studies Scholarship Fund. So whether you’re starting your day off with this marvelous brew or relaxing after a satisfying day at work, you’ll be helping further student education and the environment!

We’ll be distributing our whole bean coffee alongside Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance’s CSA pick-up location at Chatham University’s Shadyside Campus.

Orders must be in by the first Wednesday of the month (as this is the first online ordering month, we’ve extended the deadline to July 11!).

Pick up will be on the last Wednesday of the month on Chatham Campus outside the Anderson Dining Hall loading dock from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. (July 27, August 31, September 28 and October 26, etc.).

The more you buy, the more you save. Tell all your friends!  Order here TODAY!

  1. As a lover of good coffee, I can’t understate my excitement about having such a tasty blend associated with the school! Congratulations students, and thanks to La Prima!

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