Student Profile of the Week: Joe Papp

Joe Papp

Name: Joe Papp
Grad Program: MBA
Born: May 25; Parma, Ohio
Undergrad Alma Mater: University of Pittsburgh 
What’s on TV: Lost
What brought me to Chatham: low barrier of entry to MBA program, breadth of
curriculum for program itself
Songs playing on my iPod: Salsa
Program benefits: classmates are, for the most part, working professionals
with significant experience in their fields
Favorite flicks: summer blockbusters!
Favorite Chatham memory: still making memories but winning the position of VP of Finance
with Chatham’s Graduate Student Assembly is a favorite so far!”
Favorite meal: pesto pasta
Places I go on the weekends: the Strip, bike rides around town, South Park,
Something I’d like to change about Chatham: more ample parking
Wish I had known before coming to campus: that I could have bought much less
expensive used textbooks online
On a Saturday afternoon: working-out
On my bookshelf: too many textbooks related to my MBA program!
Diehard fan of the: Ferrari Formula 1 team
Career goals: work about which I’m passionate
Words of wisdom: measure twice, cut once

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