Hey yinz guys! aka Pittsburghese 101

There’s a place where people use gum bands and warsh their clothes, a place where they cheer for the Stillers, eat pierogies and drink pop. Oh it’s a magical place, this place. A place with a lingo all it’s own…

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…

If you are from Da Burgh you know exactly what I’m talking about. But let’s say you aren’t from Pittsburgh and have no clue what “yinz” means or why you don’t chew a gum band. This blog happened because I stumbled upon a site devoted entirely to Pittsburghese and was so incredibly amused I just had to share. I must admit, even though I’ve spent the past decade in the Pittsburgh area, I still have no clue what people are talking about sometimes. So let’s have a crash course in Pittsburghese!


gum band – rubber band

hoagie – submarine sandwich

nebby- nosy, snoopy

Dem Stillers – The “Steelers”

pop – a carbonated soft drink

slippy – slippery

yinz – you (plural)

redd up – to clean or tidy

warsh – wash

pierogies – a small dough envelope filled with mashed potato, meat, cheese, or vegetables

Eat N’ Park – a restaraunt with speciality Smiley Face cookies

buggy – shopping cart

crick- creek

“Jeet jet?” – “Did you eat yet?”

To some this may seem an incorrect use of the English language, but to others this is a sign of pride of being part of a unique and special city. If you want to become fluent in Pittsburghese check out the website Pittsburghese website Want to dig a little deeper into the dialect? Check out the research done on the Pittsburgh Speech!

Happy speaking yinz guys!

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