Academic Continuity Resources for Faculty

A number of circumstances (a campus closure, increased absenteeism during a flu outbreak, inclement weather, etc.) may require faculty with short notice to temporarily migrate class online. Below are strategies and resources to help. If you would like to schedule a consultation meeting with our Instructional Technology team, please email ­

Getting Started

Due to unplanned interruptions, faculty may need to adapt your course for online delivery. First, consult with your Dean and Program Director/Department Chair for policy and guidance.

1. Plan Ahead
2. Communicate with Students and Campus Partners
  • Every course with the exception of independent studies, etc. has a Moodle course. Faculty can email specific individual classes directly from Moodle. If you need a Moodle course, please request one.
  • Share class expectations and communication methods with students via email or on Moodle.
  • Set up and share office hours when you will be available by phone and/or by Zoom.
  • Keep things simple and focus on the essentials.
  • Contact the Library to see what support they offer.
  • Contact OAAR to see what support they offer and how best to provide accommodations.
  • Contact Helpdesk so they are prepared to help students with any technical matters.
3. Shifting Your Classes to a Virtual Class
Live online class using Zoom

To request a Zoom Pro account, which gives faculty unlimited Zoom sessions, please email Read over the follow resources on using Zoom.

Zoom Best Practices to Avoid “Zoombombing” 

Please feel free to reach out to the Instructional Technology team at for assistance, testing, and other support.

Pre-record lectures using Zoom or Panopto

Panopto is lecture capture software. It can be added to any Moodle course or directly to Panopto can be used for faculty members to record lectures and for students to record. Below is documentation on how to add Panopto to a Moodle course

Synchronous Activities

(activities occur at the same time)


Asynchronous Online Plan
(activities occur independently but with specific due dates/times)
Lecture Zoom Panopto
Discussion Zoom Breakout Rooms Moodle discussion forum


Student Presentations Zoom VoiceThread



Exam Zoom Moodle quiz
Assignment distribution and collection Zoom Moodle assignment
Grades and Feedback Zoom Moodle gradebook

Moodle assignment


Group Collaboration OneDrive

Zoom Breakout Rooms




If you are new to using Moodle, please visit the Moodle for Faculty page and refer students to the Moodle for Students page.

Usage Reports

Moodle Activity Logs

  • User Logs – shows logs for a combination of group, student, date, activity, actions and level,
  • Activity Reports – showing the number of views for each activity and resource
  • Participation Reports – generates a list of who has participated in a given activity, and how many times.

Panopto Activity Reports

Zoom Reports

Please email for help with Zoom reports.

4. Curriculum Resources

There is a growing list of curriculum resources for faculty.

Free Resources for Faculty during the COVID-19 Outbreak


Science Resources

Art Resources

Resources from Other Institutions

Enjoy some comic relief — you will survive and so will your students!

Academic Continuity Resources
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