March 14, 2011
by library

NEW: SciFinder Scholar

The JKM Library recently added the database SciFinder Scholar.  This resource from the American Chemical Society is an excellent tool for students in chemistry, biology, and food studies.

In order to use SciFinder, you will first need to create a personal account.  Once you have done so, you’ll be able to login and search the database.  SciFinder does not contain full text, but will link you out to Journal Finder (a.k.a., the List of Print and Online Journals) if you click on the “Full Text” link below the article in which you are interested.  Journal Finder will check to see if the JKM Library has access to the journal in which your article appears.

SciFinder’s main search option is the “Explore References” one.  It lets you search for your topic using keywords and phrases.  You can also use the “Explore Substances” search (available at the top of the screen) to search for a chemical by drawing its chemical structure.  Lastly, there also an “Explore Reactions” search that allows you to search for a reaction by drawing it as well.

SciFinder Scholar works off campus as well.  You may get a warning about an outdated certificate when you login.  This occurs because SciFinder uses a different method of securing their data than other library websites.

If you have any questions about SciFinder Scholar, just ask us!  (412) 365-1670 or

January 20, 2011
by library

Welcome to the JKM Library Blog!

The JKM Library has started a blog to keep you up-to-date about everything going on in the library.  This includes:

  • general library news, such as holiday hours, special events, and more;
  • new library resources;
  • reminders about existing library resources;
  • responses to any suggestions or comments you make using the library’s suggestion box or online form;
  • updates on any issues with accessing library resources; and
  • much more!

We hope you find the information useful!

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