Facebook Status

Hello Writers,

Last week the prompt was a personal exercise so I thought this week a funny prompt was in order. So I know most people have Facebook and Twitter so this prompt is going to harbor on those social sites. If you do not have either but would still like to participate in a funny prompt I have an alternative one for you. Feeling brave? Post your writing prompt here on the blog. If you have a writing prompt you would like to share in the upcoming weeks, email me and I’ll make sure your prompt is featured.

This prompt is supposed to be goofy so have fun with it. This weeks prompt is also from Sally Ramirez who gave me the wonderful idea to use a Facebook Status.

Facebook Status:

We all have that one annoying Facebook friend that uses the status updater every moment of they get. Sometimes the status can be informative and others can be like this: “I’m eating toast”, “I’m putting my left sock on before my right”, “I”M SO MAD!!!!!!!!!”, etc. Find a status on your Facebook wall that catches your eye and use it as the first line in your story. The same can be applied for Twitter users. Find a tweet that stands out to you and make it your first line.

For non social networkers:

The above prompt can be applied to a novel, short story, poem, etc. Take a line from another author’s work and use it for the first line in your prompt.


Hey guys,

I want to remind you all of the workshop that is taking place tomorrow. At 3:00 tomorrow in Lindsay Lorena and D are going to be hosting a workshop on resumes, manuscripts, portfolios, and C.Vs. Please bring your resumes, etc. so they can help you. This is a great opportunity to find out all the dos and don’ts when it comes to the professional side of writing. We hope to see you there tomorrow!

Rejection Letter to Your Past Self

Hello Writers!

This week’s prompt really isn’t a way to get your creativity flowing, but more of a reflection on where you are now and where you have been as a writer. There are ups, downs, and middles to being a writer and everyone has them. This week I’m encouraging all of you to remember those downs and reflect on your journey as a writer.

Here is the prompt:

Write a letter of rejection to your past self, explaining why you needed to go through the rough patches that complicated your life the past few years to grow as a writer.


My hope for everyone who does write a letter is that you are reminded of how far you have come as a writer and to continue forward with writing. If you are feeling brave, post your letter here on the blog. Please do not completely berate yourself in the letter. This is supposed to remind you that you have overcome a rough patch and have learned from that experience.

This prompt is from writers digest’s website www.writersdigest.com


The Tooth Fairy is a Thief

Hello Writers!

Today is Friday which means a new prompt.

The Tooth Fairy  visits your house  in the middle of the night, only she  isn’t just taking your children’s teeth. What is she stealing from your house and how do you attempt to stop her?

This prompt is from Writers Digest and was recommended by Melissa Esposito.

Happy Writing!

Creative Writing Club Blog

Hello Writers,

I wanted to give you guys the link to our sister site, Creative Writing Club Blog. The blog is a great place for you to get recent updates on events going on in the club, writing tips, and information on writing contests. I encourage you all to visit this site frequently. I’ve put the link below along Melissa Esposito’s contact information. Please direct any questions or concerns about the creative writing club blog to her.






Also, make sure you check back Friday for a new prompt!



A Reminder

Hello Writers!

This is a reminder that all writing submissions to Minor Bird are due on Wednesday February 8th by Midnight. Please refer to my post about the guidelines for submissions. If you would like to submit your writing, please email Marguerite at msargent@chatham.edu


Weekly Prompts

Hello Writers!

I’m sure most of you have struggled coming up with ideas for stories. Fear not, I have a fun solution for you. Each week I will be posting writing prompts for you to take seriously or lightheartedly. If you’re feeling brave post your work here on the blog for others to read! My hope is that these writing prompts will get you guys to write every week regardless if you share it with us or not.

To start this new tradition I have posted the first prompt below. Like it or hate it? Have a writing prompt you would like to submit? Email me or leave a comment.



Begin a Story with a “Given” First Line

The Exercise: Begin a story with this line: Where were you last night?

The Objective: The objective of this prompt is to start in medias res- in the middle of things. Notice how this question begins with the middle of a situation. For example, “last night,” the subject of the question has already happened. If one character asks another this question there are already two people “on stage.” And the question will probably produce a conflict. But don’t get hung up on making it a line of dialogue–it can be used many different ways.

Here are several other “given” first lines:

* The neighbors were at it again.

* “One more thing before you go.”

* This is a story I’ve been avoiding for a long time.

* If I went there a second time . . .


This prompt was taken from “What If? Writing Exercises For Fiction Writers” and was written by William Kittredge. If you liked this prompt and would like more from this book, shoot me an email or Barnes and Nobel has them in their stores so go pick up a copy.

Happy writing!

Writing Submissions

Hello Writers!

We are calling for submissions to our Spring 2012 edition of the Minor Bird.


*You must be an undergraduate student.

*You can submit no more than two stories each less than 8 pages double spaced/ or 3 poems.

*Your name must not appear on your stories or poems.


Submission deadline is February 8th by Midnight

If you have any questions or wish to send your submissions, please email Marguerite Sargent at msargent@chatham.edu


Workshop Reminder

This is a reminder to all who wish to submit pieces for our workshop on Friday. Please email the Creative Writing Club officers with your pieces by tonight. Also, remember that our workshop is on Friday at noon in Lindsay house. Hope to see you all there!


Here is a list of the officer’s emails: