a fairly distant nightmare

By Leah Blackwell


linger, darling. 

you’re upright in bed, 



why are the pillows on the floor?

blankets twist around your legs.

your hands in fists. 

cold, bare skin and sweat. 

don’t stare in the corner 

there’s nothing. 



you left the windows open. 

no worries, only 

moonlight at midnight parts the

shadow curtains, 

shimmers silver across the carpet.

put your soles on the floor 

or just one, if you’re cautious. 

that’s okay. 

watch the glow on your toes, 

tender luminescence, 

comfort from a wounded one 

with craters and scars to remind you

here to protect from monsters 

give solace from peril,

the evil defeated 

you’re safe. 

no need to fight, 

uncurl your fingers. 


slumber, darling 

sunlight will greet you in the morn’

to kiss your eyes in wake, 

you must greet with warmth,

prepare for the day. 

lay down, 

there are no terrors. 

close your eyes 

for the door is locked,

silence whispers blessings

not portents. 

nothing is in the corner.



To Be Numb…                                                        Cosigned into Oblivion