Dear Boy

By Finn Flood


Dear Boy, I bet you never knew about the sweetest little thing around.

Who brought me over when my heart was down and out. 

When I was lain down in a pile of ashes 

and a thick broad smoke filled the air. 

And you brought her down, cold and bare. 

A frozen vessel left out to sea to thaw. 

To be fleshed out and remain raw. 


Dear Boy, you lie today somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea.

For you’ve dared brush aside every plea 

and consigned a vow to a gasping breath of woe. 

What lies in your depths best not reveal itself. 

I do not wish to know what lies in your cold little heart. 

Dear Boy, I sincerely hope you never come to know about the cutest thing in town. 


And you never knew what you had found, Dear Boy. 

Bliss is often short lived, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet. 

The lily of the valley does not judge between the birds and the bees.

The beauty that surrounds us left us taking a different course. 

There is no need to be alone in this dismal world, 

and you’ve cast her aside like a pale orphan. 

Dear Boy, I bet you’ll never know how much you missed.


a sermon                                                                                                       Ode to a Pen