Ode to a Pen

By Megan Delaney  


You glide across my page.

Mightier than the sword,

some say. 

But how so, 

when the sword seems to rule

our lives these days? 

How can the pen 


what they try to with blood? 


The words, 

the loops 

you form to place the words from my mind

on the page. 

The words I try to say. 

I try to change the world. 

I try. 

How can these loops and dips 

make me cry when I read over the words

formed from you and I? 


Just scratches on a page, 

but more than that. 

You always seem more personal 

than clicking away at keys, 

because part of me flows through you.

A favorite pen 

makes all the difference, 

and the words spill out 

easier than it seems they can. 


Ease my mind 

when I turn to you 

to get the thoughts out 

and share them with the wind. 

Mightier than me? 

That’s for sure. 

I guess I feel stronger when I wield you. 


Create a world on the page

and in my mind 

and in the minds of others.



You give me power. 

Can I wield it the best?

Maybe it’s true, 

the sword has nothing on you.


Dear Boy