To Be Numb…

By John Mamas 


I live my life in a daze 

In euphoria, head in the clouds 

When I do interact with others 

Their words are smooth and sweet 


Clouds paint my mind 

Hues of pinks, blues, and whites 

Starlight graces my face 

A dazzling reminder of a world without feeling 


The vastness pleases me 

The soothing harps ease my soul 

An angel’s whisper echoes in these valleys 

“Feeling halts the healing” 


Yet, it isn’t always pretty in paradise 

Phantoms come in the form of suppressed thoughts 


I waltz with devils in the blandness 

For, it is not darkness that haunts me 

It is the dim light and the off-white walls The encumbering clouds blinding my sight 


One pluck of a heartstring 

Leads to the overflowing of the floodgates

I must find shelter in the vast storm 

For healing trumps all feeling 


Shrouded in desolation, I am lost Clouded in the heavens, no northern star 

My mind wanders without thought 

My heart wanders without connection 


I Am Numb. 


Lunar Love Song                                                                 a fairly distant nightmare