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Did you ever wish you could move just one or two things from your previous Moodle course into your new Moodle course?  Do you teach multiple sections of the same course or similar courses and want to share Moodle assignments or activities?  You know longer have to go through the full Import feature, you can now use the Sharing Cart Block!  It is like a shopping basket that you can fill with your content and then copy that content into other courses!

Here is how it works!

1. Turn Editing On

2. In the lower left side area, Click the Add a Block Dropdown and Select Sharing Cart


3. The Sharing Cart Block will now appear in your course.


4. You can then begin adding things to the Sharing Cart by click Edit and selecting Copy to Sharing Cart


5. The item will then be copied to the Sharing Cart


6.  To put the item in a different course, you will need to go to the new course and repeat steps 1-3

7.  The Sharing Cart in the new course will still have all the content that you added from the previous course.  To add the content to the new course, click the Copy to Course button.


8. After clicking the button, small dashed boxes will appear at the bottom of each section of the course.  Click the box where you would like the item to appear.


9.  The item will now be copied to the course and is ready for use!


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