Moodle Grader

The new Moodle Grader makes grading assignments faster than ever before!

Here is how it works!

Quick Overview

1 – Assignments can be annotated

2 – Assignments can be downloaded

3 – Grades can be entered

4 – Individual Feedback can be entered

5 – Teacher can Save Changes

6 – Different pages of the assignment can be viewed

7 – Move the next student or select a student from the list

8 – Change grading view


Watch a video demo here –

1 – All submitted assignments will be converted to PDFs for easy annotation.  If you choose to annotate over the assignment, the file will be saved and uploaded as a feedback file.

The buttons from left to right include text comment, color selection for text comment, pan tool, cursor tool, freehand drawing tool, line drawing tool, squared edge too, rounded edge tool, highlighter, colour selection for highlighter, stamp tool, stamp selection tool.


2 – Assignments can still be downloaded in their original format by click on the file.


3 – Grades can be quickly entered on the right. (If you created a rubric, it would appear here)


4 – Teachers can enter feedback comments, upload feedback files, and record audio feedback.


5 – Teachers can Save Changes and notify students about their grade or reset all annotations.


6 – Students submitted assignments are separated by page.  To navigate to the next page of the assignment either clicking the arrows or select the specific page from the dropdown menu.


7 – Teachers can quickly navigate to the next student by either clicking the arrows or select a specific student from the dropdown menu.  Assignments can also be filtered by Submitted, Not Submitted, and Requires Grading.


8 – Teachers can select their preferred view for grading. 1. Traditional (No PDF for Annotation, only Feedback and Grading are visible), 2. Quick (Both Feedback and PDF for Annotation are visible), 3.  Annotation (No Feedback or Grading Area, Only the PDF for Annotation is visible)

**Teachers may toggle between these views at any time while grading**


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