From Storify to Wakelet

Web 2.0 tools are a great resource.  They can really help enhance teaching and learning, but sometimes after you find the perfect tool the company decides to go a different direction.  All of a sudden you need to find an alternative and you might lose all of the content you worked really hard to build within that tool.  This exact scenario has happened with two great tools – Padlet and Storify.  Padlet has implemented a new freemium model.  You can only create three Padlets prior to paying.  However, Storify is simply being shut down.  Now what?

Good news, there is an alternative – Wakelet.  Wakelet allows you to import all of your Storify projects so you won’t lose any of your precious content.  Wakelet also allows you to create very similar projects.  It is slightly different, but has a lot of the same functionality.  One of the new features that Wakelet presents is their mobile app.  You can quickly and easily curate content on any mobile device.


The technology landscape is ever evolving.  When one app closes another opens.  If you ever run into an issue while using or evaluating an app, please feel free to email We are happy to help!


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