Moodle: Adding a User Override


Go to the course and click on the Quiz Click on the gear wheel in the upper right. Select User Overrides. 3. Next, click the Add user override button. 4. Search for the student’s name and then adjust the open, close, time limit or attempts allowed to meet the student’s accommodation. 5. Click Save. The […]

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Add a Profile Picture to Moodle

User Profile Picture Icon

Moodle and Microsoft Office 365 are not integrated.  You only need to upload your profile picture one place to have it populate both systems! Here is how: Click on this link – – Login if prompted Click on “Me” from the left side menu Click on the camera icon next to the profile picture […]

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Accessibility Checker

If you have questions or concerns about whether your content is accessible you can quickly check.   Here is how: 1. Go to any text area and you will see the accessibility buttons 2. The first button checks for any visual issues Sample Error Message:       Sample Acceptable Message:   3. The second […]

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Sharing Cart

Did you ever wish you could move just one or two things from your previous Moodle course into your new Moodle course?  Do you teach multiple sections of the same course or similar courses and want to share Moodle assignments or activities?  You know longer have to go through the full Import feature, you can […]

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Mass Actions Block

Did you ever wish you could select multiple items in Moodle to move, hide, show, delete, indent or copy all at one time?  Now you can with the Mass Actions Block. Here is how it works! 1. Turn Editing On 2. In the lower left side area, Click the Add a Block Dropdown and Select […]

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Moving Items

Are you having trouble moving items in Moodle?  There is a little trick that may help! Here is how it works! 1. Turn Editing On 2. Click and Hold the 4 way arrow next the the item you want to move 3. Drag that item up or down to where you want to relocate it […]

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