Saudi Students at Chatham University

By Samaher Shikh, ELP Graduate Assistant, Graduate Student in Biology

There is a decent number of Saudi students at Chatham University. The number of Saudi students has increased in the United States since the government scholarship opened in 2010. As Saudi students come from different cultures, they face many challenges. However, Saudi students at Chatham University are always together to help each other out. We share everything together and celebrate many Muslims celebrations together. Just recently, we celebrated Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha is the second biggest religious holiday celebrated by Muslims each year. We fast the previous day hoping for God to forgive us for all their last year’s sins. We sacrifice an animal such as a goat or sheep to honor the sacrifice of prophet Ibrahim of his son to follow God’s command. All families and relatives celebrate the Eid day by wearing new clothes, visiting each other, and giving money and candies as gifts to children. We end the day by having a big dinner together and staying up late up late to chat or watching TV. All in all, Saudi students at Chatham University are one family which we all proud to be part of.

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