Talk & Travel

By Oksana Moroz, intern and instructor at the ELP


Summer is a traveling season. Students love to go to different countries on vacation. This is also a great time to learn a language using some common strategies.

No matter where you go in the world, you’re going to meet people who don’t speak your native language. An easy way to learn a new language to visit the country and immerse yourself in that world.

Step 1

Watch television in your hotel room, preferably with the subtitles turned on. Repeat the phrases as they’re spoken and learn what they mean by reading the subtitles. It’s also helpful to watch the news, as the reporters tend to speak more slowly, as well as commercials, since they’re easier to follow than television shows and movies.

Step 2

Listen to radio broadcasts playing local music. Even if you can’t understand the meanings behind the words, it exposes you to how words and phrases sound.

Step 3

Talk to locals using the words you know. Speak clearly, and explain at the beginning of your conversation that you speak only a small amount of the language. This prevents the other person from speaking too fast.

Step 4

Keep a dictionary with you. As soon as you come across a phrase or word you don’t understand, look it up and repeat it to yourself several times.