Meet Chatham’s Study Abroad Ambassadors for 2023-2024. These students are study abroad returnees who are available to answer questions and share their experience with interested students!

Jenna Baljuanas (she/her)

Program: Greece, Summer 2023

Major: Environmental Science

Graduation Year: December 2023

My time abroad in Greece turned my dream of travel into reality (with the plus of celebrating my birthday on a pink beach!). Having no prior experience traveling to a different country, I not only gained more confidence in travel but also stronger relation to both people and places. About a month after this trip, I traveled internationally again, spending five weeks in Costa Rica for an internship. With already experiencing more comfort traveling and living abroad, I developed an even deeper understanding of myself, others, my career plans, and the rest of the world.

Students can reach out to Jenna via email at:

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