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Meet The Study Abroad Ambassadors 2022-23: Mikaela

Meet Chatham’s Study Abroad Ambassadors for 2022-2023. These  Students are study abroad returnees who are available to answer questions and share their experience with interested students!

Mikaela Lane

Program: Florence, summer 2022

“Studying abroad in Florence opened my eyes up to a fraction of what awaits around the world just waiting to be learned about, scootered through, and climbed up.”

Students can reach out to Mikaela via email at:

Meet the Study Abroad Ambassadors 2022-2023: Isabel

Meet Chatham’s Study Abroad Ambassadors for 2022-2023. These students are study abroad returnees who are available to answer questions and share their experience with interested students!

Isabel Smith

Program: Jordan, summer 2022

“These images are of my favorite place in Jordan, Wadi Rum. It is a desert and mountainous area, described as being the most similar location to Mars on Earth. Wadi means valley in Arabic and there are many Wadis throughout the area. Many notable films were shot here including Star Wars, The Martian, Dune, and the live action Aladdin. It was my favorite place because of the stunning views and peaceful wind. We watched the sun rise and set during our time there and it was a moving experience to watch in silence and see it so clearly because there was nothing to block the view.”

Students can reach out to Isabel via email at:

Meet the Study Abroad Ambassadors 2022-2023: Vickey

Meet Chatham’s Study Abroad Ambassadors for 2022-2023. These students are study abroad returnees who are available to answer questions and share their experience with interested students!

Vickey Kim

Program: Taiwan, summer 2022


“Going abroad to Taiwan for the summer was amazing, easily one of the most unforgettable experiences I have had in a long time. Due to Covid-19, the process of getting the Visa and having to quarantine once arrived in Taiwan required a lot of patience from the students, but mostly for the people who had organized the program. Despite the constant challenges, our program coordinator- Robin provided great support that made the whole process easy and bearable. Although we had to quarantine for two weeks, my experience of quarantining wasn’t actually excruciating as I expected because the Fulbright program had orientations throughout the week with mentors who taught us the culture, history and the norm of Taiwan. We learned how to play Mahjong during our quarantine and we were all able to connect with our cultural buddies the program had paired us with.

Next, I will discuss my school experience I had in Taiwan. I think being in a school setting was one of the times where I experienced the most cultural difference between the West and the East. As an Asian, when I arrived in the United States, I had to learn to speak up for myself and speak up when I had thought to share. Of course living in the United States for almost eight years, I adapted to the new culture, but when I arrived in Taiwan and attended the school, I realized I had to take myself back to eight years ago-to when I didn’t really share my thoughts unless my name was called or else I was seen as the American that just talked and talked in class. I quickly readjusted to the new cultural norm in Taiwan class because I was familiar with the setting, but if you are someone who has never lived or has no experience in Asian countries, I recommend keeping this in mind. Also keep in mind that just because someone doesn’t freely speak up like in America, doesn’t mean they are dumb and have nothing to say. So, don’t look down on their intelligence or sum up their personality.

Lastly, I’ve attached a few of the images from the trip in Taiwan and three of the pictures are from the optional excursion I participated in after the summer program had ended. If you are someone who is planning to go to Taiwan for the summer, I strongly recommend participating in the five day excursion because you get to go around and see so much more things than the weekend excursion during the program. Not only that, you get to bond deeper with people that you’ve already met and get to experience the authentic Taiwan. As you can see in the first image, it is a Starbucks, but Starbucks inside a container and that container has traveled through London, South Korea and many more countries and I thought it was super cool that the store was built Inside the CONTAINER! In the second image, it’s a beach, but it was really awesome because we had to climb up the rocky hill, but as it dropped, you got to experience this beach that was breathtaking and the fresh air in hot, humid Taiwan. The third image is at one of the oldest temples in Taiwan and this was during a weekend excursion. One of the most fun experiences I had during the five day excursion was on a Go-cart! It was so fun because we went early in the morning and nobody was around except us in the program. Got some fresh air and a few things probably went inside my eyes, but it was an unforgettable experience!

If you are afraid to go abroad because of financial reasons, there are plenty of options that provide financial aid for you. Don’t limit yourself because of money. It might take you more leg work compared to people who come from money, but please don’t let that stop you from having amazing experiences abroad!

Go Abroad and Live Your Life! Enjoy New Things and Go Out of Your Comfort Zone!!!”

Students can reach out to Vickey via email at:

Meet the Study Abroad Ambassadors 2022-2023: Noelle

Meet Chatham’s Study Abroad Ambassadors for 2022-2023. These students are study abroad returnees who are available to answer questions and share their experience with interested students!

Noelle Dagdagan

Program: Japan, summer 2022

“In the first photo, I am wearing a yukata (浴衣), which is a type of traditional Japanese clothing worn in the summer. Due to the intense summer heat of Japan, the yukata is more common to wear than kimono because it does not have as many layers. I really enjoyed the public transportation system in Japan because it was so easy to get around the city of Kyoto and to other prefectures. Many times, after class, I was able to go sight-seeing around Kyoto and experience the culture.

My most memorable post-class adventure was traveling to Lake Biwa (琵琶湖). It is the largest freshwater lake in Japan and is located in Shiga prefecture. A swim in the lake was just what we needed when it was over 100°F! The second picture was taken on our walk back to the train station after enjoying an afternoon in the water.”

Students can reach out to Noelle via email at:

Meet the Study Abroad Ambassadors 2022-2023: Size

Meet Chatham’s Study Abroad Ambassadors for 2022-2023. These students are study abroad returnees who are available to answer questions and share their experience with interested students!

Size Li

Program: Japan, summer 2022

“Woodblock printing and papermaking are the main learning objectives of my Japan study abroad program. One exhibits a Japanese woodblock master showing us the process of woodblock painting; another is the factory where we learn traditional Japanese papermaking.”

Students can reach out to Size via email at:

Summer 2022 Events Near Chatham and Pittsburgh

Check out the following list for events coming up this summer around Pittsburgh!


Sports Events

· Pittsburgh Pirates: Watch Pittsburgh’s baseball team play at the scenic PNC Park. The Pirates offer discounted tickets for students. Purchase tickets and find more information about the team at .

· Pittsburgh Riverhounds: Watch soccer games at Highmark Stadium, which overlooks the river. Tickets are relatively cheap. Purchase tickets and find more information about the team at



· 5/14- Pittonkatonk: Pittonkatonk is music without boundaries. Enjoy music in public spaces that belong to everyone, with no stage, no doors, and no right way to express yourself. Free and open to all!

· 5/21-5/22- Shadyside Spring Art Festival on Walnut Street: This weekend art show hosts over 100 fine artists that create original hand-made artwork. Admission is free.

· 6/3-6/11- Three Rivers Art Festival: An outdoor music and arts festival featuring: live music, performance art, visual art and food. Located downtown, from the first Friday of June for ten days. The best part? It’s free.

· 6/2-6/4: Pittsburgh Pride: Celebrate PittsburghPRIDE on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. Over 175 vendors and food booths, family friendly crafts and inflatables

· 7/4 : Independence Day Celebration: Celebrate July 4th with Pittsburgh! Enjoy a family-style picnic at historic Point State Park, complete with patriotic music and food vendors from 6 to 10 pm. The City’s Independence Day fireworks presented by Pyrotecnico will illuminate the skyline beginning at twilight.

· 7/15-7/24: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix: Vintage motor sports car race and 10-day motorsport festival with over 150 vintage racers, and 2,500 show cards. Free.

· 8/3-8/5: Three Rivers Regatta: Come to Point State Park and help us honor Pittsburgh’s renowned history, vibrant present and exciting future. With music, boating, food, fireworks and family fun, the EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta is where the Pittsburgh community comes to celebrate the city we call home and the waterfront we love and depend on.

· 8/8-8/14: Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: Visit Pittsburgh restaurants, many of which offer deals and discounts during the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week!

· 8/18-8/21- Bloomfield Little Italy Days: Bring your appetite to the region’s largest heritage festival! Learn more about the Italian-themed entertainment and food. Bloomfield is a short walk from Chatham University, and a great place to visit!

· 8/27 – Squirrel Hill Night Market: View the pop-up market place that features local artist’s, while surrounded by the many shops and restaurants that Squirrel Hill has to offer.

· Open Streets Pittsburgh: The last weekends of May, June, and July. Schedule with specific dates & activity hub details will be released soon! Open Streets PGH temporarily closes roads to car traffic, and invites Pittsburghers to reimagine our streets as places for people. Walk, run, bike, skate, roll, dance, and enjoy the road at your own pace.

· Cinema in Pittsburgh Parks: Catch great movies under the stars at these free, family-friendly Dollar Bank Cinema in the Park events. The schedule and participating parks will be announced soon.


Places/Attractions to visit

· Kennywood theme park: Visit Pittsburgh’s beloved amusement park for rides, games, and food.

· The Gateway Clipper: The Gateway Clipper is a great way to see all of Pittsburgh’s beauty. The boat takes you on a tour across Pittsburgh, with the option to eat dinner on the boat as well.

· Randyland: Randyland is a vibrant and colorful outside space that is full of handmade art by the owner, Randy. It is free to view, and is open 12-7.

· Pittsburgh City Parks Public Pools: Swim in locations such as Schenley and Homewood! For information about openings and hours, visit the link below.


More ideas

-For more ideas of things to do in the summer in Pittsburgh, check for updated events and activities each day.

-For info on city parks (Schenley, Frick, Point State Park), go to .

– For those who enjoy the outdoors and being active, info on Pittsburgh’s Riverfront trails is available at .

– For bike lovers, bike rentals are available at .

Enjoy your summer!

Global Focus – Costa Rican Music Playlist

Chatham’s Global Focus program seeks to instill global competence in Chatham students by leading a campus-wide initiative focused on a specific country or region of the world over the course of an academic year through curriculum, films, lectures, performances, and cuisine.

The program also promotes cross-cultural understanding by forging connections with off-campus international initiatives in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. 2021-22 is the Year of Costa Rica.

Please enjoy the following playlist from Professor Walter Morales, Coach Accompanist for the Ruud Scholars at Chatham University and Music Director of the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra.

“As part of my musicological research and work as an advocate of Costa Rican composers, I have created a YouTube Playlist that features my performances as concert pianist and orchestral conductor of Costa Rican Music around the world.  You will find piano music written in the 19th and 20th Century, as well as works by contemporary composers writing for a new generation of performers.

I updated the playlist to open with an excerpt from a faculty voice recital recorded here at Chatham University in 2015, featuring Dr. Kelly Lynch and Prof. Walter Morales.  This video is followed by three Costa Rican Nocturnes recorded in the Welker Room just a few weeks ago as a part of a virtual recital featuring Costa Rican pianists from around the world.”

“Gratitude to Chatham University” by Tamim Adnan


This is Tamim. I’m from Bangladesh. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Building Engineering and Construction Management, from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET). Now, I’m planning to go for my PhD program in Infrastructures and Environmental Systems at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). I will work as a graduate research assistant under the supervision of professor Dr. Don Chen. I was a student for English Learning Program at Chatham University in Summer 2020. I joined the program mainly from enthusiasm to improve my English while this program added a new milestone in my academic skill sets. When I completed my applications to US universities, most of them noticed on my transcript what Chatham University awarded me for this program. So, I’m really grateful for being a part of this ELP program at Chatham University.


Firstly, thanks to Dr. Linh Phung and Professor Sylvia for their cooperative teaching and guidance to us. Secondly, thanks to my classmates in the program from Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, when the COVID – 19 pandemic was inflicting everyone mentally, this program helped me to overcome some issues I faced.


Dr. Linh always suggests that I should speak slowly as she thinks the intention of speaking faster lowers the confidence of speaking. I always follow her tips when I need to have any conversations with Professors, Visa Officers, and International Staff. In addition, Miss Sylvia helped me a lot to improve my writing. She always suggested some memorable places, movies and events particularly related to Pittsburgh. I always miss those days and feel good when I remember these moments.


After the ELP program I completed my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and started to email professors in the US universities targeting the Fall 2021 session. Fortunately, Dr. Don Chen, associate professor, UNC Charlotte, appreciated my potential and offered me to work under his supervision. I will work on the project under the North Carolina Department of Transportation to develop the pavement modeling using breakpoints and pretreatment conditions. I also awarded funding opportunities against my research assistantship to cover my living, health insurance and tuition expenses. Therefore, the journey from KUET to ELP at Chatham to UNC Charlotte is really a cherished move for me.


I always highly recommend the Chatham English Language Program to English learners. If you need any suggestions or help from me, you can contact me over my email It will be a lovely experience if I can help you for any purpose.


Have a Charming Journey at Chatham University!



Tamim Adnan

Ph.D. student

Infrastructure and Environmental Systems

University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223, United States.


Student Artwork

by Najd Alagl, ELP Student, Summer 2021

Please go to our Facebook page to like or comment on her picture as part of a social media competition!

The Brooklyn Bridge – New York

– If love can fade, then so can pain.

Summer Flowers in the Frick Pittsburgh

– Once you choose hope, everything is possible.

Summer Flowers in the Frick Pittsburgh

– The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.

Najd’s son admiring a bunny

– They’re sleep-depriving, sticky little monsters that demand snack endlessly and want you to sing same song to them fifty times a day.

But they also think everything you say is hilarious. And when they lay their head on your shoulder everything seems right.

Kids can run your life but also they give you a reason to live when life tries to ruin you.

– I lied and I said I was busy,

I was busy, but not in a way people understand,

I was busy taking deeper breaths,

I was busy silencing irrational thoughts,

I was busy calming a racing heart,

I was busy telling myself “I am okay”,

sometimes this is my busy,

And I will not apologize for it.