Environmental Dream Jobs

Sierra Club

In 1892, the Sierra Club was founded by environmental activist, John Muir. Originally based out of San Francisco, CA, the headquarters have made there way south to Oakland, CA. The Club presents the motto “Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.”. The club currently has over 3.5+ million members across the country. Not only is the Sierra Club an amazing organization to follow and get involved with as a citizen, but it is also offers renowned opportunities for career professionals. The club offers a full array of benefits to its employees and aims to provide the best possible work experience.(what are some of the benefits to working here? maybe mention a few of them)¬†Not only does the Club offer full time positions but also paid internships that are available to college students in every state.


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance first came into fruition in the year of 1987 and was lead by Daniel Katz, a New York City resident. The goal of the Alliance is to compile farmers, foresters, communities, scientists, governments, environmentalists, and businesses, that have a strong dedication to protecting biodiversity and are in full support of sustainability movements. The Rainforest Alliance site states that their mission is to envision a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. The Alliance is based out of the States but offers unique worldwide positions to those who wish to pursue a pro-environmental career. They currently have open positions listed on there website where you can find options like an Institutional Associate in NYC or a Media Relations Consultant in Germany.



Also based out of the Northern Pacific sector of California, Earthjustice made its first mark in 1971. The motto at Earthjustice is “Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.” Founded by Don Harris, Fred Fisher, and Phil Berry, the non-profit public interest organization has worked towards litigating environmental issues that will aid in the protection of humans and nature. With a full package of benefits and a “live well, work well” attitude, Earthjustice provides some of the best career opportunities available. There a multitude of professional departments including communications, development, litigation, and Information Technology. Earthjustice also emphasizes its diversity and inclusion.


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  1. callie.oliver says:

    These career paths all sound really cool! I think that anyone considering a career with one of those organizations should be critical of their practices and fully research beforehand. The non-profit industrial complex is a serious problem, especially when it comes to sustainability.

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