Air Pollution in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh may have started going green, but the air quality is still far from where it should be. Pittsburgh is known to be one of the sootiest cities on the East coast.

When looking at photos of Pittsburgh a while back, they most likely seemed cloudy or very grey. The grey in the air is caused by different work plants in the area such as chemical or metal manufacturing plants. These plants would release the soot into the air, also known as gritty air.

Since the soot was released, it could contribute too many respiratory problems such as heart disease, cardiac disease, asthma, and ever premature death. Too limit these soot contributors from occurring, air quality laws have been put in place and the PennEnvirornment has clean air permits that manufacturers sign and have renewed every five years.

Instead, if they were to just use renewable sources in place of burning the natural resources, the soot that is released into the air would decrease drastically. This would be a huge step for Pittsburgh in making the air quality so much better. We need to take these steps to make our city what it should be.

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