Mercury Invading Our Dinners

Mercury levels in the ocean are rising.  Over the past 20 years, the levels of mercury have risen 30% and will continue to increase.  Mercury in the ocean mostly comes from coal-fired power plants.  The Mercury is absorbed by organisms on the bottom of the food chain such as Plankton.  As animals consume their pray, they are also ingesting the Mercury.

Mercury is found in the food that we consume since it ends up in fish, meaning it can also end up on your plate.  If this neurotoxin is consumed, it can alter the brain development in fetuses and it has also been linked to learning problems.

If you are still wanting to eat fish, the proper and safe amount can be calculated to avoid being poisoned.  Hopefully, by being aware of what is causing the Mercury to increase, a solution can be made to decrease or stop it.  This would allow the wildlife in the water to cope and take away the fear of what maybe going into our bodies at the dinner table. While Mercury can be dangerous, if precautions are made everything should be alright.

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