DIY Sustainable Holiday Decor

With the holidays right around the corner, keeping things festive is of the utmost importance! However, unfortunately, around the holidays, people tend to get wasteful and buy things they might not necessarily need or use more than once. Which is why when decorating for the holidays, sustainability and decor can go hand in hand to help save our environment and make our living spaces look that much more festive. 

What are some DIY holiday crafts I can do?

There are several different types of recycled things that can be repurposed for maximum holiday decor potential.

Wine Not? 

During the holiday season, lots and lots of bottles of wine are shared, but what do you do when you’re finished using them? Not only can you repurpose the bottle itself by painting it red and using it as a center piece by sticking some holly out of it, but you can also glue the corks together to create a really neat wine cork tree ornament!

Mail-y Christmas

Get a lot of junk mail?  Instead of tossing it in the recycling bin, you can use it to make colorful paper snowflakes! Just cut them out in the correct shapes and sizes and hang them all around for a festive snowfall!

Sock-tastic Crafting

If you’re like me, you have a good dozen socks that don’t have a pair. Whether the dryer actually ate them or the cat put them under the couch, you’re stuck with a random sock that would normally end up in the trash. However, a really great way to make them useful and cute, is by stuffing them and turning them into sock angels! These are a really fun and festive way to decorate a mantle or a table and you can even customize them by painting them and adding some shimmer to them. 

Milkin It 

Paper milk cartons are super popular this time of year because they are easy to grab and go with eggnog or fun flavored milks. Instead of using them and then tossing them in the recycling bin, try washing them out and painting them to become gingerbread houses! 

Get out and ~roll~ it along

Toilet paper rolls can be reused for a multitude of different christmas crafts. Not only can you cut and shape each roll to make different ornaments, but you can also create a christmas cracker! These fun treats can be made up of toilet paper rolls that contain a prize inside. To use them you pull them apart and out comes your prize! 


These are just a few to start your holiday festivities, but there are plenty of other crafts that can be done from recycled materials! Each craft can be tailored to your specifications and done in a short amount of time while also being good for the environment and making your home holiday ready!


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